Harley Quinn: The 10 best moments from season 2

Harley Quinn 2, ep. 10 “Dye Hard” Image Courtesy Warner Bros. Television Distribution/DC Universe
Harley Quinn 2, ep. 10 “Dye Hard” Image Courtesy Warner Bros. Television Distribution/DC Universe /
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Harley Quinn season 2, episode 13, “The Runaway Bridesmaid“ Image Courtesy Warner Bros. Television Distribution/DC Universe /

1. Harl-Ivy

Episode: “The Runaway Bridesmaid

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy loved one another. Even better, they were good for each other.

Harley helped Ivy become more accepting when it came to letting people into her life; Ivy made Harley feel like – and ultimately want to be – a better person. It worked out for them both.

After years of abuse and being alone in a crowd, they found a friendship that turned into love. As time went on, Harley wanted more.

Throughout the season, they flirted, kissed, and even shared a few nights of passion together. Harley saw everything she wanted in a partner with Ivy. Ivy had similar feelings, but the problem was she didn’t trust Harley not to break her heart. We were all disappointed by this because we saw the potential and wanted it to work out. Thankfully, the season wasn’t over yet.

Ivy and Kite Man were about to get married. As we expected, shenanigans ensued and their marriage was interrupted. Harley offered to marry them herself. All she wanted was her friend’s happiness. But Kite Man declined – he saw the signs and knew that their relationship wasn’t going to work. So he extended his kite and flew away.

While trying to escape, Harley and Ivy had a quick but emotional talk. In the end, Ivy admitted she loved Harley and was ready to be with her. They passionately kissed as they were in a high speed chase with the Gotham City Police Department.

As funny as that was, it was the only way it could end. A perfect ending to a flawless season.

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