Batman is set to get a shocking new Batsuit from DC Comics

In a preview for Batman No. 100, it appears as if our Caped Crusader may just be getting a wild, dicey-looking Batsuit in October’s 100th issue.

We already wrapped up the first major story arc of James Tynion IV’s Batman run and are currently in the middle of the sophomore arc, “The Joker War”, but there just might be something else to look forward to other than Bane’s power-mad hunger for sovereignty over Gotham. That, Bat-fans, is perhaps a new dress sense. GamesRadar has unveiled a preview of the upcoming 100th issue – which features a new Batsuit.

Yes, The Dark Knight will be receiving a new costume following the release of Batman Vol.3 No.100, as depicted by artist Jorge Jiménez.

The preview of this huge milestone issue has a variant cover that showcases the Batsuit in question. It has an icy-cold blue cape and cowl with long knee-high, armored boots, a dark bodysuit, glowing eerie yellow eyes and silvery-white and sky blue bat emblem.

This look reminds this writer of the Dark Knight from the early modern era that had the blue cape and cowl with gray tights. It also resembles the one from Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee’s Batman: Hush. Also, as GamesRadar points out, it also looks eerily like the one that George Clooney wore in the reviled, love-to-hate Bat movie by the late, great Joel Schumacher Batman and Robin.

Batman No.100 will see the conclusion of “The Joker War” arc, but the new armor is unlikely to be Bruce Wayne’s mainstay and default suit in his fight against crime and corruption.

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What do you think of the alternate Batsuit? Do you see similarities to George Clooney’s Batsuit in there? Are you enjoying The Joker War story? Let us know all your thoughts and feelings about the new Batsuit in the comments below!