The Flash: Major villain to make a shocking comeback

The master of transmutation itself, one of The Flash’s oldest enemies, returns to DC Comics in No. 764 by Kevin Schnick and Clayton Henry.

One of The Flash’s oldest villains makes his return to DC Comics in October’s issue of The Flash (No. 764), as reported by Screen Rant (h/t That is none other than Dr. Alchemy.

Yes, the once lowly chemist-turned-master alchemist and criminal will face Barry Allen, but this time he has a way to defeat The Fastest Man Alive once and for all.

But who is Dr. Alchemy? Well, there were quite a few supervillains who went under the alias of Dr. Alchemy, but the most recognized and distinctive character to use the moniker was the first version: Albert Desmond.

The character was created by John Broome and Carmine Infantino; he first appeared in the spring of 1958 in Showcase No.13 as Mister Element. From Showcase No.14 and subsequent titles, he was known as Dr. Alchemy.

Albert Desmond is a modest and docile yet mentally unstable chemist suffering from a dissociative identity disorder. Despite being good-natured at heart, Desmond has a dark alternate personality utilizing his knowledge in chemistry to commit several crimes. The first Dr. Alchemy was eventually stopped and detained in prison. Other individuals such as Dr. Curtis Engstrom made his own inspired costume and was named “the Alchemist” while Keystone City criminologist, Alexander Petrov, used Desmond’s “Mr. Element” identity.

In The CW’s The Flash, a version of Dr. Alchemy made his debut in the third season, played by Harry Potter franchise star Tom Felton and voiced by Tobin Bell. Felton portrayed Julian Albert Desmond – a historian and forensic scientist of the CCPD who specialized in cases involving metahumans.

In the comics, the Philosopher’s Stone is the alchemical villain’s greatest weapon and he’s certainly a worthy opponent of the Scarlet Speedster. The Flash No. 764 is written by Kevin Schnick and illustrated by Clayton Henry.

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