Batman: All 9 Dark Knight trilogy villains ranked from worst to best

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LONDON, ENGLAND – FEBRUARY 22: A Joker costume from the 2008 film The Dark Knight worn by actor Heath Ledger and designed by Lindy Hemming is on display at the DC Comics Exhibition: Dawn Of Super Heroes at the O2 Arena on February 22, 2018 in London, England. The exhibition, which opens on February 23rd, features 45 original costumes, models and props used in DC Comics productions including the Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman films. (Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images)

Christopher Nolan did a superb job crafting his legion of villains for The Dark Knight trilogy, but which baddies stand out as the best?

In using his trilogy to re-introduce us to some of the most iconic characters in Batman lore, Christopher Nolan was able to create some wholly original interpretations of classic villains via his Dark Knight trilogy. With that said, some villains came off stronger than others while others failed to come off strong at all.

Here are all of Nolan’s Batman villains ranked from worst to best.

9. Talia Al Ghul

Out of all of the things to take criticism in The Dark Knight Rises, Talia Al Ghul stands out as the biggest flaw in the film. Many critics and fans agree that Talia’s reveal feels shoehorned into the film and by the time Miranda Tate reveals herself, she gets taken out way too fast before we even have the chance to buy into her as the mastermind.

8. Catwoman

It feels unfair listing Catwoman here as she was a bit closer to anti-hero than villain in this movie, but for at least the first half of the movie, she was the opposition, especially in how she lured Batman into Bane’s grasp. But beyond that, because she switched sides halfway into the movie, she didn’t have much impact as a villain.

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