Comic Books: 5 major moments comic book fans should know about (August)

Cosplayer Jacob Lavelle as Red Hood
Cosplayer Jacob Lavelle as Red Hood /
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Comic Book: Batman No.  97

Batman’s world has been shaken worse than ever. Joker knowing his secret identity is bad enough, but what Joker did with that knowledge was, well, impressive. He used it to take all of Bruce Wayne’s money.

With it, he’s funded his final move on Batman, recreating the night Bruce Wayne died and using innocent Gotham Citizens to do it. Without his money, gadgets, and his wife, it’s up to him and Harley to stop Joker and Punchline. On top of all of that, there’s a new vigilante in town and his name is Clownhunter. Guess what he’s all about.

Why is this important?

We all know how Batman feels about killing, even if the people supposedly deserve it. Clownhunter has been protecting people in a place called the Narrows. He’s killing them and Joker is proud of him. He said, “This Beautiful, horrible kid knows that the rule book is thrown out.”

Batman isn’t going to be happy that someone is killing people in Gotham. When this is all over, it’s doubtful that Clownhunter is going to be part of the Bat-Family. We could be looking at a new villain for Batman. Someone who the people of Gotham may agree with. This will make Batman’s job that much harder.