The Boys season 2, episode 4 review: Nothing Like it in the World

The Boys Season 2 -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video/Jasper Savage
The Boys Season 2 -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video/Jasper Savage /

Homelander is losing while M.M., Hughie, and Starlight go on a road trip on this episode of The Boys season 2.

Previously, on The Boys season 2, the crew barely made it back to base with their lives. First, they survived an attack from The Deep (poor, Lucy). Then, they got lucky again when Kimiko’s brother took out Homelander before he forced Starlight to kill Hughie.

Unfortunately, that’s where their luck ran out. Kimiko’s brother was killed by Stormfront. To make things worse, he was framed for the killing of the innocent people Stormfront murdered and Stan Edgar used that to help spin the news about Compound V.

Things aren’t looking good for The Boys. Let’s see if they get better.

The Boys opening

Well, this episode of The Boys season 2 doesn’t start cheering. Frenchie is crushing up pills and snorting them. He then goes to attempt to console Kimiko and tries to kiss her. This is while she’s watching the news drag  her brother’s name through the mud. Frenchie is lucky she didn’t kill him. There’s also Homelander. Not that we should feel bad for him, but his popularity has gone from him to Stormfront. He sat and watched as she was getting all of the love and respect he once received.

Later, there was some good news: Billy Butcher down and out talking to Grace Mallory. She gave him a clue on who to talk to about stopping Vought and the supes. She also gave him the address to where Becca is staying. She felt bad for putting Butcher in harm’s way by sending him right after Homelander. She also didn’t know Becca was alive.

Homelander finally looks weak. Thankfully he has Madelyn Stillwell to console him and feed him milk. Wait, didn’t Homelander kill her is season 1? Yes he did. Homelander hired a shapeshifter to look like her and make him feel good. In the middle of their talk, he switches back to his normal self. An old, balding guy. Homelander is cracking up. How long can he keep it together? If he doesn’t, Stormfront will take his place as the face of The Seven.

Things get worse for Starlight

Starlight is in an elevator together when Homelander gets in. He explains that Maeve begged him not to kill Starlight after the situation with A-Train and Hughie (the final episode of season 1). Homelander then says that she failed to kill Hughie when he ordered her to. For him, this was the last straw. He assaults her in the elevator and it looks like she’s going to be killed. Starlight explains that she and Hughie aren’t together, that he broke her heart, but she’s not a killer. Homelander believes her and leaves the elevator.

It seems like Starlight can’t catch a break. A-Train could tell Homelander about Compound V at any moment. If that happens, there’s nothing she can say that will keep her alive. Now, Homelander is on her back. When she went to meet Hughie in the park, she cried because she can’t go back to Vought Tower. She’s afraid for her life. Hughie is there for her and she accompanies him and Mother’s Milk on a trip to follow-up on Stillwell’s lead. Even then, it’s dangerous for her to be seen with them. It’s a no-win situation.

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Homelander and Maeve are on a talk show with Maria Menounos discussing super-terrorism. Maria brings up that there isn’t a lot of diversity. That’s when Homelander drops a bomb, revealing that they have gay member and it’s Maeve – something he had no right to do.

Later, he goes and sees Stormfront about her campaign. She’s had people making memes about him and she’s slandering him in the news. In the end, he walks away and she smiles.

As this writer mentioned earlier, Homelander is losing it. He isn’t used to being tested by anyone Now, he has Stormfront undermining him on every media platform. He can’t zap her away and he obviously can’t outsmart her. This episode showed Homelander being defeated from start to finish. It’s only a matter of time before he snaps. If you’re a fan of The Boys comic, you may have an inkling of how this could play out at the end of the series.

A. The Boys continues its hot streak with another fantastic episode.. The Boys. S2E4. Nothing Like It In The World

What made this episode so good were the moments. It wasn’t full of horrible things happening from start to finish. Starlight and Hughie’s relationship is still off, but they did have a sweet moment. Butcher and Becca’s time together wasn’t something anyone expected, but it was good to see them together. What makes this special is showing that The Boys is more than just a show about super-people killing regular people and other random catastrophic scenes. While messed up things still happened throughout the episode, it was refreshing to see some happiness.

Down with The Boys

  • How is A-Train going to accept being out of The Seven? It’s not like he has a case to stay. His heart is permanently damaged.
  • It was nice to get a glimpse into Frenchie’s past. He’s more than just a goon. He really cares about Kimiko.
  • Butcher finally gets to see Becca. This was the few scenes that were actually heartwarming.
  • Starlight points out M.M.’s OCD. Something that was big in The Boys comic books.
  • The random women talking about love will make sense in the end. And, yes, the reason is creepy.
  • M.M.’s story about his father was similar to The Boys in the comic book. A very nice touch.
  • A bomb was dropped about Stormfront. Again, a hint to The Boys comic book.

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