The Boys season 2, episode 5 review: We Gotta Go Now

The Boys Season 2 -- Courtesy of Jasper Savage/Amazon Studios
The Boys Season 2 -- Courtesy of Jasper Savage/Amazon Studios /

Homelander slowly loses it, Black Noir strikes, and Frenchie and Kimiko’s story gets deep in the latest episode of The Boys season 2.

The previous episode of The Boys season 2 may have been the best episode of this young season thus far.

We learned that Homelander was slowly losing his mind which was a scary thought considering that he’s already unstable. Stormfront was amassing an army of followers and we don’t know why. And speaking of Stormfront, another bomb was dropped. Apparently she’s been a racist piece of trash since the 1970s. Possibly longer. While she was Liberty, Stormfront killed a young black man for a crime he didn’t commit. This adds to the theory that she’s closer to her comic book counterpart than we know.

But what happens next? Let’s find out by recapping this week’s episode.

Homelander is a jerk!

This episode starts with the perception that Queen Maeve is saving the day. You quickly realize that it isn’t actually happening – they’re just on the set of their movie. To no one’s surprise, Vought and Homelander are using Maeve’s forced outing by Homelander to make money.

It doesn’t help that Homelander is being a jerk about it to Maeve. She even pleaded with him to stop, but Homelander just smiles and says, “But you’re in love” – which is immediately followed by him fighting superheroes in another country. He makes quick work of him and flies away. The problem is he kills an innocent person on camera and he doesn’t care.

Homelander has been a big part of this season thus far. With everything that’s gone on, it makes sense. We’re starting to see him change more as the season continues. Him killing Doppelganger was just the start. He’s finally come to realize that he can do whatever he wants. Well, too bad he was caught on a cellphone. This leads to Homelander’s approval rating going down to nine points and being protested.

He assumed that he’d make a statement and everything would be okay. Nope. He was ordered to stand down and say nothing to the press. He obeyed. Looks like he’s not so unstoppable after all.

The Boys are a mess

While all of this is going on, Butcher is at a metal concert getting drunk. In the middle of the show, he finds some random guy and punches him in the face. He continues pummeling him until people in the crowd intervene. It looks like Butcher is ready for a fight until he does something uncharacteristically like him. He drops his hands. The crowd beats him down and Butcher just accepts it.

Later, Hughie calls Butcher to tell him about Liberty being Stormfront. Butcher doesn’t care. He tells Hughie that he’s retiring early. After Hughie tells M.M. what happened they leave their base.

Then there’s Frenchie following Kimiko. With everything that’s happened to her, you can’t be surprised that she’s a mess. Her brother was killed in front of her and she couldn’t stop it from happening. Just like in the comics, Kimiko goes to kill some people for money. The dialogue and even the face rip was like the comic series.

The Frenchie and Kimiko story is something everyone should be paying close attention to. Their relationship is important and could be the sweetest one of the series.

While Black Noir stalks his prey

No rest for the weary. Butcher was followed by The Seven’s silent assassin Black Noir. However, because he was also followed by Hughie and M.M. to Butcher’s aunt’s house, they’re all in trouble – not something The Boys need right now.

Butcher was ready to die in a blaze of glory (or lie down and just die) until Hughie stepped in. He gave Butcher a proper speech. Fun fact, it didn’t work. Butcher does what he does and tries to insult Hughie to make him hate him. It works until M.M. steps in and checks Butcher for being a jerk.

It was about time we had a moment like this. Butcher has been running around unchecked for over a season now. Hughie’s speech hit him in the moment more than he acknowledged. M.M. stepping in was a nice touch. M.M. has been there for Hughie more as the show goes on and been his big brother. For Butcher, M.M. has been his conscience and we all know he needs one of those.

The Boys. S2E5. We Gotta Go Now. A. This season continues to entertain. This wasn’t as good as the previous episode, but it was still of a very high standard.

Where to begin with this. The Boys continues to improve with each episode. Homelander’s descent into madness has been done flawlessly. Stormfront playing into that has been brilliant as well. We’re continuously given more of a reason to stay tuned and wonder what’s going to happen next. This one had enough action to match the drama. We’re only halfway through The Boys season 2 and this writer is already excited about what’s going to happen in the season finale.

Down with The Boys

The Seven’s superhero movie is too funny. It’s so dramatic in the feature then it drops immediately to the real world.

The Deep got married. He’s actually drinking the Church of the Collective’s Kool-Aide

Mentioning Butcher’s brother Lenny happened sooner than expected. Nice touch.

M.M. skills are incredible. He gets better every episode.

Stormfront and A-Train’s interaction was something everyone was waiting for. She continues to prove who she really is by calling him trash.

Homelander really doesn’t get it. Disobeying an order is unlike him.

Looks like Stormfront and Lamplighter are connected. Hopefully we’ll find out how next season.

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