John Cena to bring Peacemaker to TV in HBO Max Suicide Squad spin-off

PEACEMAKER series key art. Image courtesy HBO Max
PEACEMAKER series key art. Image courtesy HBO Max /

WWE legend John Cena will be reprising his The Suicide Squad role in a Peacemaker TV series at HBO Max.

John Cena will be making his presence felt in James Gunn’s heavily-anticipated DCEU film The Suicide Squad next year when he brings Peacemaker to life. However, we now know that this won’t be the last time he plays the DC Comics character.

HBO Max has ordered a spin-off TV series for the character that will delve into his origins and explore how the master of weapons who believes in peace at all costs came to be the hero that ultimately joins Amanda Waller’s Suicide Squad in the upcoming movie.

How John Cena’s Peacemaker show will work

According to the official press release, the streaming service has given a series order to the show which will run for eight episodes. It also makes reference to the fact that this is the first season, meaning that it’s not necessarily a limited series prequel and could very well return for future installments.

Cena will obviously return to play the titular character, but he will also serve as one of the executive producers. Gunn will also be returning for the project, serving as the showrunner, writing all eight episodes and even directing some too. The film’s producer, Peter Safran, will join them too as executive producer.

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Much of what we can expect from the show is being kept on the down low for now, but it is billed as an action-comedy series, meaning that it will probably be similar in tone to The Suicide Squad. Moreover, it’s expected to kick into production sometime at the beginning of 2021 before Gunn moves onto Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

Ever since Cena was cast in The Suicide Squad, there has been speculation as to who he would be playing. That was eventually confirmed at DC FanDome when the 16-time World Champion opened up about who Peacemaker was. And now the idea of seeing him dominate his own series sounds very enticing.

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Are you looking forward to Peacemaker on HBO Max? What do you think the show will be like? Will you see The Suicide Squad? Let us know in the comments below!