Rumor: Here’s when fans can expect Marvel’s She-Hulk to begin production

Photo: She Hulk.. key art.. Courtesy Marvel Studios, Disney+
Photo: She Hulk.. key art.. Courtesy Marvel Studios, Disney+ /

With their star and director confirmed, Marvel’s She-Hulk series could begin production in early 2021.

Things are underway with Marvel’s She-Hulk and a new rumor suggests the Disney+ show could begin production very soon. As reported via The Direct, the Jessica Gao-helmed series is set to begin production in early 2021 in Atlanta, GA.

With the current dilemma affecting all aspects of our lives, including the entertainment industry, the production of She-Hulk was delayed earlier this summer.

With the director of this upcoming series’ pilot most recently announced to be Kat Coiro and Orphan Black’s Tatiana Maslany being confirmed to be leading the show as Jennifer Walters and her audacious gamma-infused alter-ego, things are once again happening for She-Hulk.

Is She-Hulk back on track?

Due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, a lot of streaming services and TV networks are in need of new content – the reason being that production had to be shut down on virtually every TV show in the U.S. at one point in time.

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If this current production date is indeed true and the show plans to begin filming in early 2021, it falls in line with the both the recent casting of Maslany in the She-Hulk role and Coiro’s hiring to direct the pilot. Whether this may have impacted the apparent finalization of the date is not yet known, but the fact remained that there were delays in filming due to what has been happening in the world.

Back in May, one of the writers, Dana Schwartz, revealed that all scripts for the show have been finished, and that the focus would shift to casting, so with the lead star now cast, it wouldn’t be out-there to expect more casting announcements in the coming months. News on whether Mark Ruffalo (which is likely), and perhaps even William Hurt are on board should come to light soon.

Production was initially expected to begin in July this year but, obviously, the pandemic affected this series’ production. Nonetheless, it seems to be back on track and, with casting underway, the series is seemingly in pre-production once more. This is when the casting of guest stars are made, budgeting, sets are being built/recycled, scheduling, also sourcing and gathering of costumes, props and special effects etc.

With production now seemingly set for February 2021, perhaps She-Hulk will be making her presence felt sooner rather than later.

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