Amazon’s The Boys: 6 things that may happen in the season 2 finale

The Boys Season 2 -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video
The Boys Season 2 -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video /
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1. The Boys go legit

Before we go, there’s something that needs to be mentioned. The supes are out of control. Yes, this is obvious. Unlike the comic book, there’s no legitimate team that’s going to keep them in check. Even before The Boys were criminals, their team wasn’t sanctioned by any government. Now, with Compound V being well-known and the heads of multiple people exploding on live television, something will have to be done. Someone is going to have to spank the supes when they get out of line. Guess what team will be up for the task?

The Boys will still have to operate in secret. Their methods aren’t something that the public can know about. Nonetheless, it’s a necessity. After the court scene, there’s no way the American Government is going to be okay with what’s happening and the supe-terrorist angle may not cut it anymore. Mallory and Butcher have information they can use to persuade the American Government to back them. The team will get their names cleared, have a legitimate base of operations, and get everything they need to take down Vought and The Seven. Look for this to happen within the last few minutes of the episode.

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