Legends of Tomorrow season 6’s newest villain could be the real big bad

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow season 6 will see the gang tackle aliens and who-knows-what other time problems, but their new major villain could be their biggest threat.

Legends of Tomorrow season 6 will no doubt give fans a healthy dose of ridiculousness and hilarity when it returns next year as the Arrowverse‘s crew of outcasts and misfits will face what is arguably their toughest challenge yet: Aliens.

However, that’s not the only threat that will come the Legends’ way as TVLine has exclusively revealed that a new villain will be giving the gang the run-around in season 6.

The report reveals that The Vampire Diaries‘ Raffi Barsoumian will be joining the show in a recurring capacity as a character named Bishop. According to his official character description, Bishop is described as “a sadistic egomaniac who treats all living creatures — human and alien alike — as his scientific playthings” in spite of the fact that he wants to save the world because “he has seen the end” of it.

Have we met Legends of Tomorrow season 6’s big bad?

While aliens are expected to be the primary threat of Legends of Tomorrow season 6, Bishop sounds like he has the potential to be the true big bad.

The fact that the character description references his indifference to whether his playthings are human or alien does suggest that he’ll be a threat to the two species. That could very well be the thing that ends up uniting the Legends and the aliens.

Moreover, Barsoumian is a proven big bad. Having portrayed Markos on season 5 of The Vampire Diaries, he knows a thing or two about turning in convincingly evil performances, so it’s clear that The CW has found the right man for the job.

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