The Boys: 7 best “Oh snap!” moments from season 2

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The Boys Season 2 — Courtesy of Panagiotis Pantazidis/Amazon Prime Video

These are the best shocking moments from season 2 of The Boys.

Amazon’s The Boys has completed another successful season of TV. On top of that, it gave us one of the most satisfying season finales of all time. That isn’t an exaggeration. The things we saw in this episode were incredible and they definitely left us anticipating season 3. For example, Stormfront. Watching her get exposed for being a Nazi and then feeling the consequences was a moment that fans had been waiting to see for so long. Then, we got the reveal that Victoria Neuman was the one popping heads. Finding that out blew our minds (pun intended). What’s funny is those moments don’t break the top five “Oh snap!” moments of the season.

TV shows and movies have a habit of showing the best parts of their projects in the trailers. After seeing the previews for season 2 of The Boys, this writer was worried that had happened here. Thankfully, that concern was misplaced.

Throughout the second season, there were scenes that managed to make us jump in our seats at least once an episode. If they didn’t make us jump, we at least laughed hysterically. Coming up, we have the best moments from season 2. These are the parts that were completely unforgettable.

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