X-Men: Predicting which characters may die in X of Swords

Cosplayer QUIKCOSPLAY dressed as Storm (Photo by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images)
Cosplayer QUIKCOSPLAY dressed as Storm (Photo by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images) /
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This is the likelihood of these X-Men dying in X of Swords

X of Swords is Marvel’s most recent event. Instead of it crossing over the entire Marvel Universe, it only involves the X-Men. The mutants of Krakoa will face Horsemen of Apocalypse (who are actually his children) and others from Arakko. Each side will have ten swords, however, the X-Men have nine fighters while the Arakkis have ten (Gorgon has two swords for the mutant squad).

The problem is the X-Men’s Resurrection Protocols won’t work here. If they die in Otherworld, there’s a strong possibility that they’ll come back different. Both physically and in personality. Something that the X-Men can’t risk. That begs the question, who’s going to die in this crossover?

Here are the odds and why.

Captain Britain

Betsy Braddock is no longer Psylocke. She became her old self in Hunt for Wolverine: Mystery in Madripoor. In the new Excalibur run Betsy became Captain Britain. With her new title and connection to Outworld, it only makes sense that she would be part of this story.

Chance of death: Low

Betsy has just come into this title. It would be a shame if she died already. There’s so much more she could be doing – especially after the creation of the Captain Britain Corps. She has one of the lowest chances of death on the roster. Look for her to be the one to save the day. After X of Swords ends, look for her to take the next person’s place on the Quiet Council.