The Boys: How would each character fare in the Marvel or DC Comics universes?

The Boys Season 2 -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video
The Boys Season 2 -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video /
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The Deep

The Deep is a jerk, an idiot, and so far, he seems irredeemable. We saw what he did to Starlight in the first episode of The Boys. That right there showed us everything we needed to know. It didn’t help that we then found out that he’s done similar things to other women. He uses his power and celebrity to get sexual favors. If anyone refuses, he threatens them. We assumed he learned his lesson after he was assaulted at the end of season 1. We were wrong. It’s doubtful that will change in season 3.

It doesn’t matter what universe The Deep is in. He’s going to be a villain and have his teeth kicked down his throat. If he landed in DC Comics, he would be used by Black Manta. The Deep is mentally weak, so Manta would easily talk him into attacking Auqaman. The end result would be Aquaman kicking his butt.

Now, if he came to the Marvel Universe, he’d end up being so scared of Namor that he’d blindly serve him. But, The Deep would get too cocky and Namor would end up kicking his butt. Nothing will change that. The Deep would become the laughing stock of either universe.