The Flash: How the DCEU film could explore Barry and Victor’s friendship

You have to admit that The Flash and Cyborg had a pretty memorable friendship in Justice League. How could that bond grow in the upcoming Flash movie?

The Flash movie has been a long time coming. With a load of issues behind-the-scenes for a number of years now, we finally have a chance to see Ezra Miller in his own Flash movie based off his version of Barry Allen. However, will we get to see more of the Barry-Victor friendship play out in the DCEU movie? That’s what we’re here to explore now.

It’s clear that despite his tragic backstory, Barry is a very happy-go-lucky type of guy while Victor is somewhat broody. If you look at it from an alternative perspective, it’s almost like another version of the Superman and Batman kinship.

Moreover, a similar type of dynamic played out in the Arrowverse with Grant Gustin’s Flash and Stephen Amell’s Green Arrow – just as Melissa Benoist’s Supergirl was beginning to form a close bond with Ruby Rose’s Batwoman.

With the Flash movie, we could see a version of the Flashpoint storyline play out on the big screen for the first time. This means that if Ray Fisher’s Cyborg were to appear it would be a good way to tie these characters together in some way, even if they did already appear together in Justice League where they started to form a friendship. This was referenced in the quick cameo that Ezra Miller had in the Arrowverse’s Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover when the DCEU Barry made light of Victor’s existence during his conversation with Arrowverse Barry.

There are so many ways Barry and Victor’s relationship can be explored in the DCEU. Here are just a couple of theories.

Bonding moment during a scene with Iris

Let’s say for the sake of argument that Barry is talking to Iris and Victor ends up joining the conversation. Now, the budding reporter doesn’t know about Barry’s abilities as a speeder but Vic does. One of them lets the Intel slip and it causes issues with her to the point she and Barry stop talking.

Victor, wanting to be a good friend, talks to Iris about how sorry he and Barry are for keeping such a large secret from her and she forgives them but only if she can get an interview with The Flash. Wouldn’t that be a great method of exploring the pair’s dynamic and introducing us to the intrepid reporter that is Iris West?

Barry mentions talking to the Arrowverse version of himself

Okay, so we know Ezra Miller’s Barry mentioned Victor to Grant Gustin’s Barry during Crisis on Infinite Earths, so what if he mentions this event to Vic in the Flash movie? For all we know Cyborg might think he’s crazy and tell him he dreamed it. However, Barry could insist that it happened and that it really wasn’t a dream.

Victor, not wanting to argue with him just goes along with it because he knows Barry is a good guy in a need of a friend who isn’t going to judge him. It would certainly strengthen their dynamic and no doubt lead to “oh man, he’s right!” kind of realization for Victor when Barry does eventually start exploring the multiverse and/or the timeline.

Victor and Barry bond over their losses

One final example of how Victor and Barry’s friendship could play out in the Flash movie could include them bonding over their losses. They’ve both lost their mothers to terrible circumstances. Nora was murdered and Elinore died in an accident that may have given her son his injuries.

They could also talk about the relationships they have with their dads. Victor’s relationship with Silas is patchy given he was the one who turned him into Cyborg in order to save his life. Also, Barry’s own relationship with Henry is rocky given he’s in prison for allegedly murdering his wife – though Barry clearly believes his father when he says he didn’t kill Nora.

Victor and Barry have an engaging relationship and it would be great to see Ray Fisher and Ezra Miller once again bring out the best in each other by exploring that friendship on-screen in The Flash.

How do you think the friendship between Barry and Victor could play out if it is explored in The Flash movie? Let us know in the comments below!