Legends of Tomorrow season 6’s newest character could be this DC powerhouse

As with every season of the wonderfully odd series, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow season 6 is adding another member to its ensemble cast.

In an exclusive report from Deadline, Aliyah O’Brien has been cast in a recurring role on the Arrowverse series DC’s Legends of Tomorrow season 6. O’Brien’s previous credits include Take Two, Rookie Blue, Ascension, Continuum, and Monster Trucks.

According to the report, she has been cast as a character named Kayla who is “a fearsome warrior with a high body count and low patience for human incompetence.” The report also makes it seem that Kayla will be an enemy and an ally to the Legends throughout the upcoming season.

Although there is very little to go by off of the character description for Kayla, the portion that describes her “impatience for human incompetence” is telling as it makes Kayla seem like a character that isn’t human. Plus, with the phrase “high body count” being present as well, these create some pretty big possibilities as to the comic character that Kayla may actually be, which could then lead to a future announcement before the next season of Legends of Tomorrow starts.

Who is Kayla on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow season 6?

As of yet, it’s unknown if Kayla is a comic book character or an original creation for the show but she could be the New God named Knockout.

Originally being a Female Fury, she eventually joined the Suicide Squad for a time before becoming a member of a group of villains known as the Secret Six. During her time with the Secret Six, she was in a relationship with Scandal Savage, the leader of the Secret Six and daughter of Vandal Savage. Eventually, Knockout is killed and is brought back from Hell by Scandal and the rest of the Secret Six, after which she then marries Scandal. Knockout is also affectionately called “Kay” by Scandal.

So, if O’Brien’s Kayla is in fact Knockout, it’s possible that Scandal Savage and a version of the Secret Six could be making their way into Legends of Tomorrow season 6.

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