Kevin Feige reveals how She-Hulk differs from other Marvel shows

Kevin Feige officially reveals some major details about the She-Hulk series, showcasing how it will differ from the other Marvel Disney+ shows.

In an interview with IGN, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige confirmed that She-Hulk will consist of ten episodes, which will have a runtime of around 30 minutes.

This differs from the other Disney+ shows being released by Marvel, as She-Hulk will have more episodes than WandaVision, which comes in at nine episodes. It will also have more episodes than The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which will clock in at just six episodes.

How is She-Hulk different from other Marvel shows?

While it may seem strange to have each series feature differing episode counts, Feige explained that each series will round out to being around six hours in length. He commented:

“It’s about six hours of content… Sometimes that’ll be six episodes, sometimes that’ll be nine episodes, in the case of WandaVision. Sometimes that’ll be 10 episodes. You basically have 10 half-hour episodes, which is what She-Hulk… will be.”

Feige explained that the format of each series will be different based on the story, which means that some of the shows will require a longer runtime per episode and some will be shorter.

Knowing that She-Hulk is a legal comedy, the smaller runtime would play in favor of the series. The runtime and increased episode count allows the show to tell multiple smaller stories potentially based around a mixture of Jennifer’s life in the courtroom and her heroics as She-Hulk, while building on a potential overarching story.

Feige also explained how the advantages of having the Marvel Studios shows streaming on Disney+ gave them an edge over network shows, explaining how they are able to do what is best for the story without having to meet certain guidelines set by network television, such as accounting for commercial breaks.

He added that there are “lots of non-creative reasons for the way a story would be told,” which stems from the restrictions of network television. However, the Disney+ format has allowed Feige and Marvel to do what is best for each individual series. He added:

“None of that was a factor when it comes to streaming [on] Disney+, so we got to just say basically, ‘Here’s what we’re thinking, here’s how we’d like to do it.'”

This means that Marvel were able to dictate how many episodes they needed and what length they needed to be in order to tell each individual story. For example, while longer episodes may work for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, shorter episodes will benefit the legal comedy structure of She-Hulk‘s story.

While we do not know the exact plot of She-Hulk, we know that the half-an-hour legal comedy structure for the show is going to be vastly different to anything we have ever seen Marvel Studios do before.

Production on She-Hulk is rumored to start in February, with the series starring Tatiana Maslany as Jennifer Walters, alongside Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner aka The Hulk and Tim Roth as Eric Blonsky aka the Abomination.

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