4 huge questions we should be asking after Wonder Woman 1984

GAL GADOT as Wonder Woman in Warner Bros. Pictures’ action adventure “WONDER WOMAN 1984,” a Warner Bros. Pictures release.
GAL GADOT as Wonder Woman in Warner Bros. Pictures’ action adventure “WONDER WOMAN 1984,” a Warner Bros. Pictures release. /

Wonder Woman 1984 is finally here but it has left us with a number of important questions. **MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD**

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, half of all movie theaters in the United States have remained close due to safety regulations. However, Warner Brothers decided to give the gift of action and the spandex of1980s fashion with the release of highly anticipated DCEU movie Wonder Woman 1984 exclusively on HBO Max in the U.S.

The movie was of course, in all ways wondrous (pun intended), but has left us with a few questions of my own. So, let’s dive right in

Let’s talk about that Dreamstone. What is the point of Max Lord granting all these wishes?

Looking a lot like Gold Kryptonite, the Dreamstone is a powerful ancient artifact that dates back thousands of years according to Barbara Minerva. While on the phone to a frantic Diana, Barbara further explained how it first appeared in the Indus Valley almost 4,000 years ago, then appeared Carthage (146 BC), Kush Empire (4 AD) and was in the possession of the infamous Emperor Romulus when he was assassinated (476 AD).

In the comics, the Dreamstone was a weapon designed by Doctor Destiny who used it against the famous Justice League. The stone may be small, but indeed very mighty.

So what does this stone do in the DCEU? Well, in Wonder Woman: 1984, the stone grants the person wielding whatever wish they desire. Sounds great right? Well, in return, it takes whatever is most valuable to you.

The film’s main antagonist, Max Lord (Pedro Pascal), a wealthy con-man dissolves the stone to literally become the stone himself. He then uses the Dreamstone to grant people’s wishes, and takes whatever seems most valuable to another person. But since Max Lord literally becomes the stone, he himself takes the thing that is most valuable to that person.

This clearly begins to overwhelm him, as we see he gets weaker, and sports a nosebleed mid film. Isn’t he charming?

What is up with superheroes pining for decades?

Diana Prince is pulling a Steve Rogers & Peggy Carter on us by staying emotionally married to the idea of Steve Trevor being around. She still should’ve moved on after 60+ years. I mean, she’s gorgeous, smart, and has admirable emotional and physical strength. But you know what they say, you never forget your first love….even if you’re a superhero.

Steve Trevor is back. I still have questions.

Now, Diana has emotions and longs for her first love to return. So rightfully so, she wishes for Steve Trevor to come back through the Dreamstone.

Next, let’s talk about Diana’s special keepsake – Steve Trevor’s watch. Sentimental, and totally understandable to keep around. But here’s where things get weird. The watch momentarily jumped to life (which made me rewind and play it back to be sure). I’m not sure if director Patty Jenkins is trying to hint at some sort of symbolism element to bring Steve Trevor back.

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Well, Steve came back alright. He’s just in a different body of an unnamed man – who we never really got the name of. The Not-Steve is played by actor Kristoffer Polaha. We later saw in the movie that while Diana (and the audience) saw our beloved Chris Pine, when Steve Trevor saw himself in the mirror, he saw the Not-Steve character.

So the audience can deduce that it wasn’t his body that was resurrected but his soul. It does get creepy to say the least. For days this unnamed guy has no control over his body while Steve & Diana do…what Steve & Diana do. From intimacy, fighting, and on the run battles, Lots of things were done without his consent. Will Not-Steve have any memory of this?

In doing this, it cost Diana Prince her powers, suppressing them throughout the movie. In order to get her powers back, she renounced her wish and gained her powers back. The body that Steve Trevor unknowingly took over might be a little confused after he regains consciousness after Steve’s soul left; but hey, that’s a comic movie for you!

Blast From The Past

No, your eyes didn’t deceive you. That was miss Lynda Carter in the flesh in the post-credit scene of the film. Miss Lynda Carter, a pop culture icon who played Wonder Woman in the 1970s television series introduced herself as none other than the famous Amazonian warrior Asteria.

We hear a little bit about the history of Asteria and how she helped free the Amazons from being enslaved by humans. But, now that we have our Asteria, will we see her in the next film? Will she show up in a future Justice League sequel? She is a symbol for the Amazons, so surely her impact would be present in future films, right?

Wonder Woman 1984 will be available to stream at no additional cost for HBOMax subscribers in the U.S. until January 24th. HBO Max has not announced if it will be a paid add-on after the free stream period ends. You can watch Wonder Woman 1984 exclusively on HBO Max here. And remember: be careful what you wish for!

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