Batman ’89 and Superman ’78 head from the silver screen to the page in new sequel series

Photo: Batman.. Image Courtesy Warner Bros. / DC Universe
Photo: Batman.. Image Courtesy Warner Bros. / DC Universe /

Fans of Michael Keaton’s Batman and Christopher Reeve’s Superman, rejoice! For there are new stories featuring these versions that are in-bound.

DC Comics has announced that they are returning to their past films with the news that two new comic series, Batman ’89 and Superman ’78 are coming in July from the publisher.

As the titles suggest, both series will serve as more stories set in the worlds created by Batman (1989) and Superman: The Movie.

Batman and Superman to get long-awaited sequels

Batman ’89 will be written by Batman and Batman Returns screenwriter Sam Hamm with art by Joe Quinones. Superman ’78 will be written by Robert Venditti and drawn by artist Wilfredo Torres.

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Batman ’89 will follow the timeline the Tim Burton’s two films set up and will seemingly ignore the events of Batman Forever and Batman & Robin. It will reintroduce Catwoman, as well as introduce a new Robin who will more than likely be based on Marlon Wayans. Superman ’78 will take place after Superman: The Movie and will essentially offer a new chapter to that series of films.

This won’t be the first time that DC Comics has provided continuations for older live-action properties. Previously, the publisher has had a Batman ’66 series, also drawn by Wilfredo Torres, which focused on more adventures for the Adam West and Burt Ward versions of Batman and Robin. They also published Wonder Woman ’77 which focused on the Lynda Carter version of the character. Both of those series crossed over with each other, so it’s possible that the 1989 Dark Knight and the 1978 Man of Steel will be moving to do so as well if the series progress after the initial twelve chapters.

Batman ’89 and Superman ’78 will debut as digital-first series in July with the first six chapters of each debuting on July 27. The final six chapters of both series will debut weekly for the following weeks. Both series will release physically over six issues between August and October with hardcover collections coming in October and November respectively.

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Are you looking forward to revisiting the worlds of Batman ’89 and Superman ’78? Let us know in the comments below!