30 great Deadpool moments for his 30 year anniversary

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28. Squirrels and Coconuts

Comic book: Deadpool No. 33

Writer: Joe Kelly

This may be this writer’s personal favorite Deadpool moment. One of his oldest villains, T-Ray, thought he finally had Wade where he wanted him. He showed him all the mistakes in his life and brought back all of the people that Deadpool had killed. Instead of being hurt, however, The Merc With a Mouth laughed.

He used an analogy from an old cartoon (Much Ado About Nutting) and compared it to constantly failing and continuing. He said that showing him how much of a “dirt-bag” he’s been surely messed with his head, but that it won’t stop him from wanting to do and be better. Maybe the best part was when he told all the people he’d killed that he’d do it again if he could.

This was one of the first moments where Deadpool was shown the horrors of his past and realized he’s on the right path for a better future.

27. Deadpool drops a piano on Wolverine

Comic book: Wolverine Origins No. 21

Writer: Daniel Way

A mysterious agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. (who we later find out is Bucky Barnes) paid Deadpool a lot of money to kill Wolverine. Not an easy job, but Wade was up for the challenge. In fact, Wade said he would have done it for a handful of coupons.

The ensuing fight had a lot of shenanigans – one of them involved a giant red X painted on the floor and a piano. Once Wolverine landed on the X, a construction worker dropped a piano on Logan. Wade couldn’t believe it worked because it was one of the “funniest” ways to attack his target.