30 great Deadpool moments for his 30 year anniversary

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24. No one puts Wadey in the corner

Comic book: Spider-Man/Deadpool No. 4

Writer: Joe Kelly

Spider-Man hated Wade for years and Wade’s mercenary lifestyle didn’t help his cause, so when Steve Rogers made him an Avenger, Spidey was furious. This actually made him hate Wade even more. What Spidey didn’t know (or refused to acknowledge) was that Wade was trying to be a better person.

After showing him he could do better, he took Spidey to a monster bar on a blind date. After some randomness, the two start dancing in their underwear. This ended with Deadpool and Spider-Man doing the lift from Dirty Dancing – a moment that sums both of them up perfectly and probably marks the beginning of their friendship. Friendship used very loosely.

23. Deadpool becomes an Avenger

Comic book: Uncanny Avengers 

Writer: Gerry Duggan

All of the best heroes are Avengers. However, no one considers Deadpool a “true” hero. He’s more Punisher than Captain America. He saved the day and gained Steve Rogers’ trust (before he went all Hydra). If Steve Rogers says you’re an Avenger, you’re an Avenger. This is when time showed what he was worth and him playing well with others was the biggest shock.

Possibly his best moment was saving the world from Red Skull with Xavier’s telepathic powers. Because telepathy doesn’t work on Wade, Red Skull couldn’t control his mind. He did take a beating from a mind-controlled Rogue, but it was worth it in the end. If not for him, who knows what Red Skull would have done.