30 great Deadpool moments for his 30 year anniversary

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22. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Comic book: Deadpool No. 13-19

Writer: Gerry Duggan, Brian Posehn

This is easily the best Deadpool comic book ever. Wade mends his issues with Steve Rogers and Wolverine, shows a range of emotions, and there’s a lot of action in there too. There’s also a lot of tragedy.

Wade finds out he has a daughter and just as he’s ready to accept them into his life, he finds the mother of his daughter dead in a ditch. It wasn’t the first time we’ve seen Wade cry, but this may have been the most heart breaking. You couldn’t help but feel for him. No matter how many strides he makes to be a better person, things always seem to come back and kick him where it hurts.

21. Pirate Pool

Comic book: Deadpool No. 13 & 14

Writer: Daniel Way

If you’re going to talk about Wade Wilson, you have to mention one of his silliest moments. Wade came into a lot of money after his fight with Bullseye (he paid Wade to leave him alone). At first, Wade spent most of his time eating. Then, he had a dream and everything became clear. He was going to become a pirate! Complete with a parrot (it was Bob dressed up in a parrot costume) and a blind first mate. The best part may have been his gun. It was a solid gold gun that shot diamond bullets. He called it “The Compensator.”