MCU: WandaVision was the perfect way to kick off Phase 4

Elizabeth Olsen is Wanda Maximoff and Paul Bettany is Vision in Marvel Studios’ WANDAVISION, exclusively on Disney+.
Elizabeth Olsen is Wanda Maximoff and Paul Bettany is Vision in Marvel Studios’ WANDAVISION, exclusively on Disney+. /

WandaVision warped its way into the top spot as the kick-off series for the MCU’s Phase Four and it did not disappoint. Spoilers for WandaVision follow.

Expectations were high with Kevin Feige taking his Marvel Cinematic Universe to the small screen, we were not disappointed. Phase 4 of the MCU kicked off with a bang in the reality-bending extravaganza that was Disney Plus‘ WandaVision. Though things were not always meant to happen this way as The Falcon and the Winter Solider was originally slated to kick off this new chapter for the MCU but it’s clear that the show was the perfect way to get Phase 4 going.

WandaVison starred Wanda and Vision in their own sitcom. Well, multiple sitcoms across different decades. We lived through the 50 years of television with nostalgic nods to each different era. But, WandaVision wasn’t just about nostalgia as we got glimpse into the future.

We saw fresh characters that we can only hope to see more of. And stories with depth that should give us more in future MCU films and/or TV series. We saw the birth of Spectrum along with Wanda finally getting the name we all know her as: Scarlet Witch. Moreover, each episode gave us something different while weaving together an amazing story that foreshadowed great things to come for Phase Four.

WandaVision’s mutant references prepared us for the X-Men

There was no secret that the X-Men would make their way to the MCU at some point and WandaVison delivered on that promise – well, kind of. We got a glimpse of two potential mutants in Tommy and Billy. Long time comic book fans know these two heroes as Speed and Wiccan, members of the Young Avengers. Though their story hasn’t told that chapter yet, we did see them grow from babies to kids and evolve along the way as they learned how to master their powers.

However, they weren’t the only mutants we saw make an appearance. In jaw-dropping fashion, fans got to see the crossover we always wanted between Fox’s X-Men in the MCU. Evan Peters’ Quicksilver showed up to stir the pot and cause some friction in the ’90s themed episode.

There’s an entire story behind his appearance that will floor you, but even though it was revealed that he wasn’t who he claimed to be, the response from fans highlighted how receptive they would have been if he really was reprising his role from the X-Men film series. And this could have laid the groundwork for the X-Men’s arrival in the future… which is inevitable at this point – especially as we know Fox’s Deadpool will be joining the MCU in the future.

We can only speculate what other mutants will join. Though, we may not have to wait long either. Recent rumors suggested the X-Men are on their way in a film simply titled The Mutants. If that’s the case, just remember that WandaVision tested the X-Men waters and audiences responded incredible well.

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House of M

Seeing “Quicksilver” return was one of the many House of M nuggets that WandaVision gave us. The other was, of course, the twins and the entire ordeal of the Westview anomaly. Fans of the comics know of the reality-bending madness that saw Scarlet Witch create an alternate reality to save her family and now WandaVision has done the same. Like in the comics, she created a reality for her happiness but, also like in the comics, that creation also endangered mankind.

House of M saw the Avengers and the X-Men band together to defeat the Scarlet Witch. That wasn’t the case here but perhaps WandaVision was only a preview of what’s to come. Maybe we’ll see Wanda as the next big bad in the MCU and this was simply laying the foundation.

Imagine a story unfolding in which Wanda utters the phrase that changed Marvel comics, “no more mutants.” Crazy to think that it could happen, retconning the reason why we didn’t have mutants in the MCU in the first place. Maybe this was their version of House of M. Either way we got one amazing story and it has set the MCU’s fourth phase up in a way that we’re left thinking that literally anything could happen next.

The Fantastic Four

Since the show started, fans theorized about whether or not Monica Rambeau would be the first clue to introducing Marvel’s First Family. After all, we saw Monica change on a molecular level. In the comics, she seeks the help of Reed Richards to help get her powers under control. However, she wasn’t the only Marvel character tied to the Fantastic Four. Skip this next part if you don’t want any major spoilers.

Agatha Harkness, the supremely powerful witch, is played by the amazing Kathryn Hahn. Before Agatha Harkness revealed that Wanda wasn’t the only witch in Westview, she was Agnes. The nosy, meddling neighbor found her way onto the scene at the most opportune times. In fact, at one point in time, she babysat the twins for Wanda, a direct nod to the Fantastic Four,

How you say? Well, fans of the comics know that Agatha not only trained Scarlet Witch, but she also babysat Franklin Richards. As many of you may know, that’s the son of Franklin and Sue Richards aka Mr. and Mrs. Fantastic, enough said.

Phase Four of the MCU has always been a mysterious creature and kicking things off with WandaVision has only intensified that. The show made references to some of the features and characters fans are hoping to see brought into the MCU in the future, suggesting their arrival could be sooner rather than later, and shattered a status quo that had been in place for some time. While The Falcon and the Winter Soldier promises to be another compelling high-speed thriller, WandaVision was the change that Phase Four needed. And now, the MCU feels more exciting than ever!

All episodes of WandaVision are available now on Disney+.

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