Marvel brings back huge X-Men character for unexpected rebirth

227_xb_8625_v1060_left.1092_R3 – Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) pauses during an epic, earth-shattering battle with Apocalypse. Photo Credit: Courtesy Twentieth Century Fox.
227_xb_8625_v1060_left.1092_R3 – Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) pauses during an epic, earth-shattering battle with Apocalypse. Photo Credit: Courtesy Twentieth Century Fox. /
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SAN DIEGO, CA – JULY 23: Cosplayer dressed as Mystique from ‘X-Men’ on day 3 attends Comic-Con International 2016 at San Diego Convention Center on July 23, 2016 in San Diego, California. (Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images) /

The X-Men crossover event Inferno added a surprise new member of the Krakoan Quiet Council. 

The X-Men event Inferno has been talked about for months – and for good reason.

It started with a conversation with Mystique, Charles Xavier, and Magneto in X-Men No. 6. We knew that Mystique would be a mutant of her word and honor her wife Destiny’s request of burning Krakoa to the ground if she wasn’t brought back. Now, while it may have sounded like this was to be taken literally, Mystique may not have done that.

This, and two other things, should be taken away from the first issue of Marvel‘s Inferno.

Destiny returns

Charles Xavier and Magneto talk to Moira about what to do with Destiny possibly coming back. She suggests getting rid of all of Destiny’s DNA to make certain she can’t be resurrected. She also proposes getting Mystique removed from the Quiet Council. All smart ideas. Too bad this can’t happen. As Xavier announces that things in the Quiet Council need to be changed, Destiny appears and takes Apocalypse’s former seat next to Xavier and Magneto.

We have to begin with the biggest reveal of the issue. Destiny came back and no one saw it coming. There are a few questions that immediately come to mind. Is this really her or a shapeshifter? Second, how did Mystique bring her back? She could have used her shape-shifting abilities to trick The Five, but not likely. Did Raven make a deal with Orchis? Mystique isn’t above working with the enemy. Lastly, how will Moira, Xavier, and Magneto react to Destiny being alive and on the Quiet Council?

Moira still has the cure formula

Something that may fly under the radar is what Moira had as she was leaving Muir Island. She was holding a book with the cure for the mutant gene – something she created in her third life (see House of X No. 2 for more on that). Destiny and Mystique threatened Moira not to use it. Nevertheless, she still has the formula and is more than likely willing to use it.

If Moira makes an attempt to use the “cure” on all of Krakoa, Destiny may let it happen. It’s unclear how she feels about mutants other than herself or Mystique. There’s another option, though. Moira may use it on herself and Xavier. The only way for Moira to not come back to life is if she dies while she doesn’t have her powers. She could give herself the cure to stop her endless torture of dying and coming back. She may even give it to Xavier just because he’s a selfish jerk.

Bishop is now a Krakoan Captain

Cyclops relinquishing his Commander Captain rank and going to New York to help lead the X-Men left a void for Krakoan Captains. That slot was filled by Bishop – a mutant with more than enough experience to be a fantastic captain. With everything that’s going to happen, he’ll be needed.

This had to happen in Inferno for a reason. If this wasn’t important, it wouldn’t have been mentioned in this X-Men crossover. It would have been said in passing. No, it seems that Bishop is going to have an important role in this series. He’ll either be the mutant who solves the mystery behind this X-Men crossover or he’ll be the fall guy. Hopefully the former. Bishop is a well-versed detective who should show that skill in a major moment in Krakoan history.

Warlock doesn’t trust Bei the Blood Moon

When Doug Ramsey woke up to start his day, he kissed his wife Bei the Blood Moon (their marriage happened in X of Swords). As he went to discuss the happenings of the Island nation with Krakoa, Doug’s friend Warlock mentioned that he doesn’t trust Bei. Considering we see her looking sinister as Doug leaves, Warlock may be on to something. This will be something to keep an eye on.

Multiple failed Orchis attempts

Orchis has been a problem for the X-Men and Krakoa since House of X and Powers of X. Mystique was dispatched to destroy Orchis in X-Men No. 20 but she failed. Until Inferno, we were unaware that there had been multiple failed attempts to destroy the entity. Orchis has been saving the remains of the mutants who tried and figured out that the species simply isn’t learning from their mistakes. They’ve been sending the same mutants. However, Omega Sentinel Karima Shapanda mentioned that someone remembers something because they keep trying.

During her meeting with Xavier and Magento, an uncomfortable comment was made: Maybe the Nimrod Sentinels are inevitable. Moira suggested that the mutants need to get stronger and that simply couldn’t happen if they’re being pulled apart. And they will definitely be pulled apart if Destiny is brought back.

It looks like all the problems in Krakoa and the X-Men will revolve around Destiny. Who knows, maybe she’ll end up being their savior.

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What do you think of the premiere issue of the X-Men crossover Inferno? Will Destiny be Krakoa’s savior or destroyer? Let us know in the comments below.