Titans season 3: Beast Boy finally becomes [SPOILER]

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Titans - Courtesy of HBO Max /

Titans season 3 has been teasing us with a transformation from Gar Logan, a.k.a. Beast Boy, for some time now and the latest episode delivered on that promise.

Of all the heroes on DC’s Titans, it’s clear that Garfield Logan is the most underappreciated. One of the four original members of the show’s current line-up, he has received the least amount of development or exploration in the character department and that’s because the show is playing the long game with him.

When it comes to Beast Boy, one aspect of development is, of course, his ability to transform into various animals and creatures – something that he does all the time in the comic books and various animated series.

Titans established that he could turn into a tiger from the very start of its run. He then temporarily turned into a snake in the season 2 premiere. Since then, however, he hasn’t tapped into any of his other abilities. That is, until the penultimate episode of season 3.

*** This post contains spoilers from Titans season 3, episode 12 ***

What animal did Gar transform into in Titans season 3, episode 12?

Upon seeing that Dick Grayson, a.k.a. Nightwing, had been killed after being shot by a Red Hood supporter, Gar transformed into a bat.

It wasn’t quite as seamless a transformation as he’s used to, with the giant bat head and claws appearing first before he shrunk into a green creature of the night. After he and the other bats saved Dick (by dropping his body into the Lazarus Pit), he was visibly weakened.

“Prodigal” was a major step forward in Gar’s evolution as Beast Boy has been struggling with the transformation process. Now that he managed to become something else, we could very well see him transform more often if the show returns for a fourth season.

Here’s hoping this is the beginning of a great story for Beast Boy.

The Titans season 3 finale arrives on HBO Max next Thursday, October 21.

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Were you glad to see Gar become a bat on Titans season 3, episode 12? Will you be tuning into the finale next week? Let us know in the comments below!