Titans season 3 finale explained: Is [SPOILER] dead?

Brenton Thwaites, Jay Lycurgo in Titans Season 3, Episode 13 - Courtesy of HBO Max
Brenton Thwaites, Jay Lycurgo in Titans Season 3, Episode 13 - Courtesy of HBO Max /

Titans season 3 tied up a lot of loose ends in a game-changing season finale, but what does it all mean for the characters going forward? And can we talking about that jaw-dropping ending?

Jonathan Crane may not have donned his signature mask throughout the third season of HBO Max‘s Titans but he sure as heck proved why Batman considered him one of his most formidable adversaries.

The Scarecrow managed to manipulate a wayward Jason Todd into leaving Robin behind, turning on his former friends and turning into a new deadly vigilante. Through Jason’s evolution into Red Hood and his own plain evil deeds, Crane secured control of Wayne Manor, the Batcave and Gotham City itself, almost pulling off a seemingly impossible caper to kill everyone in the city.

** Spoilers for Titans season 3, episode 13 ahead ** 

The Titans successfully managed to defeat him in the thrilling season 3 finale, but “Purple Rain” saw the team go to great lengths to ensure that he never threatens the city again. But what does it mean for the Scarecrow – and the heroes that did it to him?

Did Crane die in the Titans season 3 finale?

The season 3 finale of Titans saw Dick Grayson turn to Rachel Roth for help in keeping Crane off the streets of Gotham for good. Turning up at Arkham, Dick told the Scarecrow that he would never get out that cell. While the villain argued that the doors in Arkham are always revolving, Rachel emerged and ensured that he would never get the chance to use them.

In one of the season’s most haunting moments (and a real throwback to season 1), Rachel unleashed her darkness and sent the long black cloud directly into Crane’s mouth. He then began screaming in agony as the darkness consumed him.

Did the Titans kill the Batman villain? No, but it appears that they have left him with some of their own nightmares and fears – nightmares and fears that have now apparently consumed him.

Did they go too far? Or will the Scarecrow ever find a way to get revenge?

All episodes of Titans season 3 are now available on HBO Max.

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