Does Eternals have a Spider-Man: No Way Home teaser?

Tom Holland in SPIDER-MAN: ™ FAR FROM HOME /

If there is one thing that Marvel has become known for, it’s setting up its upcoming projects before their theatrical debuts often via post-credits teasers within the films that come beforehand.

For this reason, many fans heading to theaters to see Eternals have been curious to see if Marvel Studios might perhaps look to use its new film to promote December’s Spider-Man: No Way Home — a film which Sony and Marvel once again have co-produced.

Considering Spider-Man: No Way Home is set to drop on Dec. 17 and we’ve not really seen too much on the teaser front, many assumed Marvel might use Eternals to drop some sort of hint of what’s to come in No Way Home. Was this in the cards though?

Is there a Spider-Man: No Way Home teaser in Eternals?

Although there was a lot of hope among Marvel fans that we could see some sort of teaser for Spider-Man: No Way Home within the final moments of Eternals, there, unfortunately, was no teaser or tie-in for Spider-Man’s next adventure within Marvel’s latest film.

While there were two post-credits scenes in the film to enjoy, neither featured Tom Holland’s web-slinging hero and were instead used to tease what might be next for the film’s heroes.

It was definitely disappointing not to see any new teaser for Spider-Man: No Way Home, we can’t say we’re entirely surprised there was no teaser for the film.

Sony and Marvel are said to be at odds regarding how much they should tease about the film before its release and the film is a co-production, so it makes sense Marvel would use Eternals‘ post-credits scene to plug upcoming Marvel Studios projects instead.

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