Does Wilson “Kingpin” Fisk remember Daredevil’s true identity?

The Netflix Original Series “Marvel’s Daredevil”Photo: Barry Wetcher© 2014 Netflix, Inc. All rights reserved.
The Netflix Original Series “Marvel’s Daredevil”Photo: Barry Wetcher© 2014 Netflix, Inc. All rights reserved. /

The Kingpin and Daredevil have quite the history but does the villain remember Matt Murdock’s secret ahead of the Marvel Comics event Devil’s Reign?

Marvel‘s Wilson Fisk and Daredevil have a blood feud almost as infamous as Batman and The Joker but it got much worse when Fisk learned that Daredevil was really Matt Murdock.

The Kingpin did everything in his power to ruin Murdock’s life. Thankfully, Matt came across Purple Man’s children, who used their power to make everyone forget the Man Without Fear’s true identity. This wasn’t an ironclad resolution though. People could remember his identity by something as simple as seeing it on a piece of paper.

In Daredevil No. 36, the hero said he was tired of battling Fisk because it got them both nowhere. Instead of fighting Fisk when he got out of jail, however, he talked to him. He went to him before his wedding to Typhoid Mary and told him that the only way to stop him is to let him be happy. He then congratulated them on their wedding, wished them the best, and left.

During their honeymoon, however, Fisk is looking through old papers. One of the folders is labeled “Daredevil Identity.” He opens it and scowls. Has he remembered who his adversary really is?

Daredevil and Devil’s Reign

In Daredevil No. 35, the superhero community stood up for Matt Murdock after he broke out of jail. Their interference raised a question about whether or not heroes thought they were above the law. That was only the first step to Devil’s Reign and the outlaw of heroes. Wilson Fisk potentially remembering Matt Murdock’s secret could be what sends him over the edge.

If this is the case, there is no way that Fisk is going to let this go. All of his anger and rage towards Matt and his alter ego would likely come rushing back at once. His mind being messed with isn’t something he’s going to take lightly either. With him being Mayor of New York, he has new and legitimate power. As you can see in the video above, Fisk is using that power to ruin the lives of superheroes and Daredevil in particular.

Wilson Fisk’s time as Mayor of New York was new and fun. Nonetheless, it has to end. And, when it does, it’ll happen in spectacular fashion. Devil’s Reign will be the moment that concludes his time in office and he’ll return to being the Kingpin of crime. How will the conclusion affect the lives of the superhero community in New York? That remains to be seen.

Devil’s Reign has officially begun.

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