X-Men: Inferno highlights that nobody can be trusted in the Marvel universe

X-Men: Inferno highlights that no one on Krakoa can be trusted. 

X-Men: Inferno has lived up to the line that “you can’t trust anyone.” The series started with the return of Irene Adler (Destiny). We then found out that Mystique made deals with Emma Frost, Mister Sinister, and others to have her resurrected and have a place on the Quiet Council.

In issue two, Xavier, Magneto, and Moira MacTaggert decided that Destiny had to be killed (this comes into play later.) This issue brings more mistrust among Krakoans.

X-Men: Doug Ramsey knows the truth

X-Men: Inferno No. 3 answered a big question. How did Doug Ramsey turn Krakoa from a living island to a place mutants could live? He did it with the help of Warlock, helping Krakoa eat while they both expanded the island.

With that, Warlock was part of the entire island. This way, there were no secrets. That included the conversation about Moira being alive and wanting Destiny dead.

“The Professor has plans. Tell me, Warlock. Do we trust him?”

Doug wasn’t shocked when he heard his leaders talking. He was just disappointed. He knew that Xavier and Magneto had been shady in the past but he had been hoping that things would be different. When he heard Moira say she wanted to burn Destiny from existence, all he could say was, “Dammit.” Mutants have a new lease on life. Therefore, the old way should be gone. Unfortunately, his initial instincts were right.

Emma, Destiny, and Mystique

When Xavier and Magneto told Emma Frost that Moira was alive and knew the future. They didn’t know how she’d react. But she did something that they hoped she wouldn’t, showing Mystique and Destiny a reality where they both killed Moira. When Mystique asked whose side Emma was on, she said her own side.

“Two who will find love, three who will not. One will be changed forever–severed from the five–in Otherworld. And one of you will never recover from it.” – Destiny to the Stepford Cuckoos

This leads to Mystique and Destiny capturing Moira. When Xavier and Magneto tracked her, all they found was her severed arm. Before they could formulate a plan, however, Nimrod, Omega Sentinel, and Orchis teleport to their location. Those are some of the X-Men’s deadliest enemies, and they’re on their own.

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