DC’s Justice League to be killed off in shocking new installment

Justice League. Image Courtesy Warner Bros. Entertainment, HBO Max
Justice League. Image Courtesy Warner Bros. Entertainment, HBO Max /

The current Justice League comic book run will finish with the death of one of their members. 

The Justice League could be comic books’ premier superhero team. Not only do they have the universe-saving adventures to prove it, they have three of the most iconic heroes of all time on their roster. Superman is looked at by many as the greatest superhero of all time, Wonder Woman is the perfect warrior and the embodiment of strong women, and Batman epitomizes what it means to never give up.

Throughout the years dozens of heroes and former villains have become members of the League. Within those years, members have come and gone. Some of them have even died saving the day. Now, it seems that the latter will happen again in Justice League No. 75 but on a much larger scale.

As reported by IGN.com, that issue, written by Joshua Williamson and drawn by Rafa Sandoval, will see just one member of the League’s current line-up survive the war with the Dark Army, potentially resulting in a new Justice League line-up going forward.

Confirming the Death of the Justice League

Normally, this writer would scoff at something as huge as killing off the whole Justice League. However, the way comic books have been written recently, this should be taken very, very seriously. We’ve seen a lot of strange and unusual things in the world of comics in recent months. Lex Luthor purchased Batman Inc., Bruce Wayne ended up broke, and even Marvel’s Doctor Strange was killed by a B-list villain.

Those are just three examples. If that’s not enough to convince you how fearless comic book creators are these days, Justice League writer Joshua Williamson told EW,

"“It’s an interesting opportunity to do this on the 30th anniversary of ‘The Death of Superman,’ which happened in Superman #75. We get to take Justice League #75 and do ‘Death of the Justice League.’ We want people to understand, this is serious and this is gonna have a major impact in the DCU moving forward.”"

Williamson went on to say that the Justice League goes “up against this Dark Army and they lose.” An ominous statement, but one that warrants concern.

Justice League
Gal Gadot (Diana Prince / Wonder Woman) in Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Photograph by Courtesy of HBO Max /

What does this mean for the Justice League

"“Ever since Infinite Frontier #0, we’ve been building to this story” – Joshua Williamson"

Joshua Williamson says that DC Comics’ greatest team will die, but does that mean they’ll all stay dead? Probably not. Certain characters like Batman and Wonder Woman are scheduled to have arcs of their own in the upcoming year. This means that some members will come back almost immediately. However, we all know no one is staying dead permanently.

Comic book companies are notorious for killing characters and bringing them back at some point in time. Only certain characters, like the original Uncle Ben and Gwen Stacy, haven’t returned. In this case, it’s a little different. Those two coming back from the grave would cheapen Spider-Man’s legacy, but a hero on the Justice League’s level – not-to-mention all of them – has to come back at some point. They’re well loved and big time money makers.

We’ll have to wait and see which League members die and how, and when – or if – they will return.

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