The Boys Presents: Diabolical reveals voice cast in new trailer

The Boys: Diabolical. Courtesy of Amazon Studios
The Boys: Diabolical. Courtesy of Amazon Studios /

A new trailer for The Boys Presents: Diabolical is here and it let us know who the voice actors are.

Recently, it was announced that Amazon Prime Video’s The Boys was getting an animated spinoff called The Boys: Diabolical. It would be an anthology that told stories about the universe that the show’s characters are in. Considering all of the shenanigans that the heroes, villains, and random super-powered beings get into, diabolical is a very appropriate adjective to use.

The first trailer showed fans that the show wouldn’t hold back. Seeing an adorable baby with laser eyes cut Vought employees in half is something you’d expect from a show set in the world of The Boys. It also gave them a look at the very Looney Tunes-like animation.

Now, a new trailer (see below) has been revealed and it showcases the very same animation and gore that fans can expect from the animated series. It also reveals the all-stars lending their voices to The Boys Presents: Diabolical.

The Boys Presents: Diabolical voice cast

Alongside actors from Amazon Prime Video’s The Boys, there will be other well known performers joining the cast. For example, Eternals star Kumail Nanjiani, comedian and Shang-Chi actor Awkwafina, comic book and nerd culture icon Kevin Smith, voice of Lana from Archer Aisha Tyler, and star of Brooklyn 99 Andy Samberg are some examples. There are also some surprises in there too. Don Cheadle (the Golden Globe-winning star of House of Lies) and Youn Yuh Jung (Academy Award winner for Best Supporting Actress in Minari) are also voicing characters. 

This writer also has to mention the other amazing performers joining. We’ll hear Kieran Culkin, Michael Cera, Elisabeth Shue, Giancarlo Esposito, Eliot Glazer, Jason Isaacs, Justin Roiland, Seth Rogen (who’s producing this cartoon and The Boys show), Chace Crawford, Ben Schwartz, Christian Slater, Nasim Pedrad, Simon Pegg, and Kenan Thompson.

What should we expect from The Boys Presents: Diabolical?

According to Deadline, each episode of The Boys Presents: Diabolical is going to run between 12 and 14 minutes. This writer believes that’s the perfect length for each adventure. These are nice bite-sized episodes that people can watch quickly whenever they want.

Deadline also revealed that Awkwafina, Garth Ennis (creator and writer of The Boys comic book series), Eliot Glazer and Ilana Glazer, Seth Rogen,  Andy Samberg, Aisha Tyler, and others will be behind the stories as well. We’ll also see different animation for each episode, meaning we’ll be getting different types of stories about The Boys’ world from a visual aspect as well.

Stay tuned to Bam Smack Pow for more news on what’s next for The Boys: Diabolical.

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