Devil’s Reign: Wilson Fisk finally remembers Matt Murdock

Fra Fee as Kazi and Vincent D’Onofrio as Wilson Fisk/Kingpin in Marvel Studios' HAWKEYE. Photo by Chuck Zlotnick. ©Marvel Studios 2021. All Rights Reserved.
Fra Fee as Kazi and Vincent D’Onofrio as Wilson Fisk/Kingpin in Marvel Studios' HAWKEYE. Photo by Chuck Zlotnick. ©Marvel Studios 2021. All Rights Reserved. /

Devil’s Reign continues with Wilson Fisk finding out the truth about Daredevil, Jessica Jones recruiting Miles Morales and his friends, and a prison break from an unlikely Fantastic Four.

One of the biggest reasons for the events in Marvel‘s Devil’s Reign was Daredevil and Wilson Fisk’s rivalry. In the last issue of Chip Zdarsky’s Daredevil, Fisk had a file that said Daredevil’s identity. Unfortunately, his real name wasn’t there.

Fisk later confronted Daredevil (Devil’s Reign No. 1) and the hero antagonized him. A bad idea. This is what set the law against superheroes in motion. Well, here we are in issue No. 4 and Fisk is even more furious than ever.

Wilson Fisk knows who Daredevil is

After a long day of trying to be a mayor, attempting to track Purple Man’s kids (that will come up soon), and admitting that he’s been neglecting his wife Typhoid Mary, Wilson Fisk started to question why he couldn’t let things go. He’s happy, in charge, and in love. What more could he ask for?

Despite Typhoid being crazy, Mary understands and accepts Fisk’s position and what he’s doing. While they were talking, he had the mind control cane in his hand and said that he wishes Mary could remember the first time they made love. The mind control cane somehow made her remember. Right after, that he ran up to the roof and exclaimed “Remember.”

While the rain poured down on a dark New York City night, Wilson Fisk said two words in anger as Devil’s Reign No. 4 concluded: “Matt Murdock.”

With this knowledge, Fisk holds all of the cards. He can easily go to the press and tell the world who Daredevil is. However, this puts Murdock in the same position he was in years ago and it’s doubtful Marvel would do that again. That said, one thing is certain: Fisk remembering everything that happened and will no doubt feel like his mind was violated, so he’s going to do something scary.

Jessica Jones plans an attack

Rhino joining Wilson Fisk’s Thunderbolts makes sense. He may not be evil, but he is an antagonist. Except he has rules. He thought this would be an honest job. That was until he was told to capture children. Rhino doesn’t go after kids (read Miles Morales: Spider-Man by Saladin Ahmed for more on that). Thus, when the Kingpin said that he wanted his Thunderbolts to capture Purple Man’s kids, Rhino went to Miles Morales and the Champions.

He knew he could trust Miles and proved it. He gave them the Thunderbolts badges. This made certain that they weren’t attacked by Otto Ocatvius’ drones. He then told the Champions about the plan to kidnap Purple Man’s kids and Miles went right to the underground heroes.

Jessica Jones was enraged when she heard this, telling Miles to get his friends because they’re going to find the kids and protect them.

A Fantastic Jailbreak

There was no way Sue Storm and Reed Richards were going to be in prison for long. They may have looked comfortable there, but they were just waiting for the right moment – and when it came, they made their move.

Sue got herself out of the power dampener and then got Reed out. While they were escaping, Moon Knight was already out and beating up guards in a makeshift mask with a blood red crescent moon on it. Right behind them was the real Tony Stark. He didn’t have his armor, but he was still there and helping out.

It looks like we know which four are going after Otto Octavius’ Superior Four.

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Devil’s notes

  • How will the Fantastic Four react to Otto Octavius using Reed’s technology? This will be a heck of a fight.
  • Jessica Jones may hate Killgrave, but she won’t let kids get hurt. How will Jessica react when she sees him again?
  • Will the next issue of Devil’s Reign end with the world knowing about Matt Murdock’s secret life?
  • Where have Ben Grimm and Johnny Storm been during all of Devil’s Reign? They’ve only been seen a couple of times.
  • Do Reed and Sue go right to Ben and Johnny in Devil’s Reign No. 5?
  • Is Otto Octavius serious when he says he doesn’t want to be in power or is this just a façade?
  • What other villain haven’t we seen? Does Wilson Fisk have one more ace up his sleeve?

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What do you think Wilson Fisk will do next? Will he be calculated or irrational? Let us know in the comments below.