Devil’s Reign: All hell breaks loose as Wilson Fisk rises in Marvel’s new series

Photo Credit: Marvel's Daredevil/Netflix
Photo Credit: Marvel's Daredevil/Netflix /

Marvel’s Devil’s Reign event has begun and it’s more intense than expected. 

Marvel has promoted the Devil’s Reign event for the last two months. Writer Chip Zdarsky has been handling Daredevil’s current run since February of 2019. If the first issue of the event is any indication of how this series will go, this could be his masterpiece with the Man Without Fear.

Issue No. 1 starts with Daredevil being confronted by Wilson Fisk and the police in Hell’s Kitchen. When Fisk looked into the folder that supposedly contained the true identity of the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen in Daredevil No. 36, the pages were blank. This leads him to believe that Daredevil did something to the pages or his mind.

As a result, Daredevil mocks him about knowing his identity and swings away, thus getting the ball rolling on Fisk announcing that superheroes are illegal in New York.

The beginning of Devil’s Reign

It didn’t take long for Mayor Fisk’s plan to take effect. He already had his special team of police and supervillains (the Thunderbolts Unit) ready to go. First, Moon Knight was arrested by Rhino, U.S. Agent, Electro, and the purple Symbiote Agony. Not shocking, but Moon Knight didn’t go quietly.

Next, Spider-Man (Miles Morales) was saving people from a burning building. As he was catching his breath, the Thunderbolts Unit tried to arrest him. Not only that, they attempted to take his mask off in public. Thankfully, Captain America, both Daredevils (Matt Murdock and Elektra), and Spider-Man (Ben Reilly) stepped in to save him.

The next day, Homeland Security showed up at the Baxter Building with a search warrant. As Sue Storm and Reed Richards told them they have an agreement with the government, they were hit with power dampeners by Doctor Octopus – who claimed they were being arrested for “harboring weapons of mass destruction” in the Baxter Building. He then claimed the government is looking the other way now. Thankfully, Ben Grimm and Johnny Storm got Valeria and Franklin Richards away. But not before the agents attempted to shoot the kids.

Luke Cage enters Devil’s Reign

Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and their daughter Danielle were taking a walk. They assumed that since their identities were public, that they’d be safe from Fisk’s new law. But when an accident happened and Luke jumped in to help, The Shocker of the Thunderbolts Unit attempted to arrest him.

During the tussle, innocent bystanders were hurt due to Shocker’s incompetence. Thankfully, the fight was a short fight.

"“I’m a New Yorker like you And if someone is in trouble, I do what New Yorkers do: I help.” – Luke Cage"

Afterwards, the people watching all had their phones out and recording. Luke Cage turned and gave a speech, reminding everyone watching and reading why he was once the leader of the Avengers. He told everyone listening that he won’t be intimidated into submitting and that he will continue to help people. A moment reminiscent of New Avengers 22 by Brian Michael Bendis.

Luke and Jessica are about to leave New York when Tony Stark pulls up in a red sports car (not exactly inconspicuous). He told them that they have to take Fisk down legitimately. His idea? He’s going to run for Mayor of New York.

Things get worse

Things are bad for the heroes, but they’re about to get worse for everyone. Wilson Fisk finds Zebediah Killgrave (Purple Man) and releases him. Killgrave immediately tells Fisk to kill himself. Too bad he forgot that his powers don’t work on Fisk. The Kingpin claims that his powers would be better with someone more worthy and kills Killgrave. We can guess Fisk means himself.

The last thing we see are pictures of fliers that say, “Fisk for President.” A campaign thought up by people who may be the richest and most powerful people in the world, the Stromwyns (see Daredevil: Through Hell for more on them). If they can make that happen, then every hero in the country is in trouble.

However, it’s doubtful. Fisk’s days in the world of politics will likely be over at the end of Devil’s Reign.

Devil’s notes

  • Storm reminds the world that Krakoa has diplomatic immunity. It may not matter since there’s a cover where Emma Frost is arrested and the world hates mutants.
  • Doctor Octavious has access to all of Reed’s inventions including the Forever Gate. What will Doc Ock do with it?
  • Did Ben Grimm get to Alecia and their adopted kids on time? How will Johnny Storm hide when he can’t turn his powers off.
  • Who will get arrested next? It won’t stop with Moon Knight.
  • Who else is on the Thunderbolts Unit and what made John Walker sign up? He has to know Fisk is corrupt.

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