When is Daredevil coming to Disney Plus?

Marvel's Daredevil. Image courtesy Netflix.
Marvel's Daredevil. Image courtesy Netflix. /

Daredevil has left Netflix and it’s finally on its way to Disney Plus. When does it arrive on the streaming service? 

Daredevil is easily one of the most universally-acclaimed comic book shows of all time. The Marvel series streamed three seasons on Netflix between 2015 and 2018 before it was unexpectedly canceled (along with the rest of the Marvel series on the service) in what we now know was an early chapter in the launch of Disney Plus.

In spite of each show’s cancellation, they all remained on the service in the years since and continued to perform well, with Daredevil in particular finding its way back into the streaming charts in recent months. But now they are officially on the move.

After the shows’ departure from Netflix was confirmedDaredevilJessica JonesLuke CageIron FistThe Defenders and The Punisher all exited the streaming service on March 1. The good news is that we don’t have to wait long to have them back in our lives as they are all joining their fellow Marvel shows on Disney Plus.

When does Daredevil come out on Disney Plus?

Daredevil premieres on Disney Plus on Wednesday March 16, 2022. It will be joined by its fellow Marvel Netflix shows as well as ABC’s Agents of SHIELD.

It’s a move that Marvel fans have been waiting for for a long time, and it’s one that will finally prompt Disney Plus to update its parental controls in the U.S. As the Netflix shows are more mature in content, and Disney Plus has always been a family-friendly service stateside, users will be prompted to update their parental settings as soon as the mature content becomes available.

However, the service’s Star feature has seen territories outside of the U.S. adopt more mature content such as The Walking Dead, so the Marvel Netflix shows were always destined to stream on Disney Plus internationally after their Netflix departure. And yes, Daredevil and his Defender friends will be arriving on the service internationally on March 16 too.

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Are you excited for Daredevil seasons 1 – 3 to arrive on Disney Plus? Are you hoping this will pave the way for season 4 in the MCU? Let us know in the comments below!