Daredevil: 6 Marvel Comics to read if you love the Man Without Fear

Marvel's Daredevil. Image courtesy Netflix
Marvel's Daredevil. Image courtesy Netflix /
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4. Daredevil goes to California

Marvel Comics by Mark Waid

After Matt Murdock announced identity to the world, things became too much for him in New York. Instead of staying home, he moved to California. During this time, Matt was living his best life. He didn’t have to hide his secret identity and the people in California loved him. Believe it or not, Matt even smiled and told jokes. Unfortunately, the smiles and humor masked a depressed man.

Getting into the mental state of Matt Murdock could be the best aspect of this run. Depression was talked about in a way that hadn’t been done in comics. There were visuals of him sinking into darkness that presented a clear picture of what he was going through. That’s only one example of how deep the story went. It was a dark tale that was beautifully told.

3. Daredevil goes to prison

Marvel Comics: Devil in Cell Block D

Wilson Fisk will always be among the most cunning villains in all of comic books. He showed how much when he tricked the FBI into getting Matt Murdock sent to jail (this happened towards the end of Brian Michael Bendis’ run). At first, it didn’t seem like this would happen. How could Marvel throw Daredevil in prison? Nevertheless, it happened.

While there, Murdock was unlike himself. For example, while fighting Hammerhead, he hit him in ways that caused Hammerhead to scream in pain. Something he wouldn’t normally do. Things got so bad that he even concerned the Punisher. This forced Frank Castle to get himself arrested to get Murdock back on track.

The entire Ed Brubaker run was good, but this may have been the best of the series.