The X-Men fan-cast that needs to happen in the MCU

X-Men Apocalypse team. Image courtesy of 20th Century Fox.
X-Men Apocalypse team. Image courtesy of 20th Century Fox. /
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ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA – APRIL 02: Cosplayers dressed as X-Men characters Mystique, Sabretooth, Beast and Magneto attend WonderCon 2022 at Anaheim Convention Center on April 02, 2022 in Anaheim, California. (Photo by Araya Doheny/WireImage) /

Fans hoping to get some X-Men news from D23 would have to wait a little bit longer. In the meantime its always fun and polarizing to see an X-Men fan cast.

Since Wanda and Pietro Maximoff made their Marvel Cinematic Universe debut, fans have wanted mutants to become cannon in the MCU. For all The Fantastic Four fans out there, there’s no denying that the X-Men are the most anticipated addition to the MCU. We’ve waited for years to have mutants make their presence known — it hasn’t happened yet. Technically, there is now a mutant in the MCU thanks to the creators of Ms. Marvel who dubbed the young hero the MCU’s first mutant. Still, fans are eager for the arrival of the X-Men.

According to She-Hulk‘s second episode, a certain metal-clawed mutant has been getting into bar fights. We never hear his name, but we all know who it is… Lady Deathstrike, just kidding, Wolverine. A name drop would have been cool, but at least we know he’s out there. This means we are one step closer to the X-Men.

D23 was a disappointment for those of us hoping to hear some casting news. In fact, we didn’t hear any X-Men news at all. We do not know what route the MCU will take to introduce the X-Men — Scarlet Witch, perhaps? They have Disney Plus, which could serve as a launch point for several X-Men. After all, the gallery of mutants provides the MCU with a base of an X-Men universe, so why not give a few X-Men their own series?

Despite nothing being known about the X-Men in the MCU right now, getting actors who can play both young versions of the heroes and grow into the role is important. Sure the MCU could opt for 15-20-year-old actors. If they wanted to make them a seasoned group of heroes, Marvel Studios would go older with actors in their mid to late 30s . However, actors between 24-30 would give them the freedom to exploit the full catalog of X-Men stories starting from their youth. Fan casts are rarely ever right, but they are always fun.