The Boys season 4 is not coming to Amazon Prime Video in October 2022

Antony Starr (Homelander) in The Boys Season 3 Credit: Courtesy of Prime Video Copyright: Amazon Studios
Antony Starr (Homelander) in The Boys Season 3 Credit: Courtesy of Prime Video Copyright: Amazon Studios /

The Boys season 4 will not debut this month on Amazon Prime. However, Vought International has been keeping busy.

Amazon Prime Video’s The Boys dropped the final episode of season 3 in July. The third adapted Herogasm, featured some insane violence, and also had a lot of deep moments and self reflection.

If you’ve been a fan of The Boys TV show, then you weren’t shocked by this. You wouldn’t expect anything less from Eric Kripke, Seth Rogan, and the cast of the show. Whenever they put something out, they put everything they have into it.

Production on The Boys season 4 is underway, and that is undoubtedly great news. The show was renewed for a fourth season as its third was airing (an indicator of how popular it is). However, that means the show won’t return to screens for some time.

The Boys season 4 release date updates

With production on The Boys season 4 kicking off in August it will be quite some time before its released on Amazon Prime Video. The streamer hasn’t offered any updates as to when it will debut, but we can definitely rule October (and 2022 in general) out as on option.

With that in mind, it’s looking like 2023 is the earliest possible release window for the fourth season. Thankfully, the team behind the show know how to keep it in our minds while we wait for new episodes.

The Boys’ social media team will make sure fans stay excited as they wait

One of this writer’s favorite things about comic shows has been their social media presence. The right promotion will elevate a project. Ryan Reynolds recently did it with a YouTube video to announce Hugh Jackman was returning as Wolverine in Deadpool 3. Harley Quinn and Invincible consistently do it with their Twitter accounts as well. Then there’s Amazon Prime’s The Boys. Their social media team does all of that and more. They also create fake commercials, shows, and music videos that add to the program’s fictional universe.

In the video above, you can see a perfect example of what the creative team does. It’s one thing to have videos showing you what the cast has been up to. Most shows and movies do that. It’s standard. However, it’s another thing to produce a news platform on the show and keep it going when the program is on a break. Seven on 7 with Cameron Coleman is that platform and it insists fans keep talking about the show during its absence.

In the most recent video, Cameron Coleman was promoting Vought International’s new energy drink. Not only did it give people a boost of energy, some people received superhuman abilities as well. Coleman, being the team player that he is, even sampled the product before it went off air. This writer guarantees that there will be outtakes of him getting superpowers.

As entertaining as the Vought International energy drink commercial is, the next video adds more to season 4 of The Boys.

Season 3 of The Boys concluded with Homelander killing someone for throwing an object at Ryan. The people watching weren’t terrified of what happened. They cheered. The scariest part wasn’t the death on an innocent person. It was Ryan’s reaction.

Ryan smiled at what happened. That’s something his father does when he commits a horrible act of violence. Add that to Ryan doing videos for Vought International with his father and you have a recipe for disaster. This means Ryan is all in with what’s going on. His face may seem a bit shaky, but it’s doubtful he’ll feel uneasy when season 4 debuts. He’s a kid with superpowers, an unstoppable father, and no rules. Don’t be shocked if he becomes more ruthless than his father.

Regardless of when The Boys season 4 comes out, the creative and marketing team will ensure fans are most excited than ever as they wait.

Stay tuned to Bam Smack Pow for more news on The Boys season 4, Vought International, and more as the information is released.

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