Titans season 4 Netflix release updates: When does it come out in the UK?

Titans season 4. Image courtesy HBO Max
Titans season 4. Image courtesy HBO Max /

Titans season 4 is back on screens in the US, but when can fans in the UK expect new episodes?

The Titans are back for their fourth small screen adventure and this one could be their most unnerving yet. In Metropolis for a trip that will see them cross paths with the infamous Lex Luthor, their stop on their return to San Francisco will also see them face off against a major new threat in Brother Blood and Mother Mayhem.

The stakes will surely be high for Titans fans, and they can’t wait to enjoy the show’s fourth season, which makes is presence felt in the US on HBO Max on November 3. But when will it arrive for international fans in places such as the UK that can’t stream it on HBO Max?

Is Titans season 4 coming to Netflix in the UK?

Titans streams internationally on Netflix, meaning that countries such as the UK can watch the show on the streaming platform instead. That has been the case for three seasons, and there is no reason to think that will change for season 4.

This kind of international distribution can work out really well for a series outside of the US, as we’ve seen CW shows such as Riverdale and Dynasty become major international hits (in spite of small viewing audiences on their home network in the US).

Titans season 4 release date predictions

The obvious window for Titans season 4’s release on Netflix in the UK would be December. The three previous seasons have landed on the streaming service over the holiday period, so it’s understandable why it seems like a likely window of release for the fourth.

However, the thing that could see season 4’s Netflix release date delayed a little longer is the fact that the season’s US release is split into two parts. The first six episodes will be released on HBO Max this year, while the next six will come in 2023.

If Netflix UK opts to release the season in two parts as well, then we should expect them to premiere in December or January 2023 just like we have seen in previous years. However, if they decide to hold off until the whole season’s US run has been completed, then season 4 may not premiere until next year.

Of course, those are just theories and predictions and it’s best to wait for Netflix or DC to make an official announcement about Titans season 4.

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