Daredevil and Deadpool have an antagonistic relationship in Marvel Comics

Marvel's Daredevil. Image courtesy Netflix
Marvel's Daredevil. Image courtesy Netflix /

Charlie Cox says his Daredevil could appear in Deadpool 3 because of the tone of his show. Since the Man without Fear and the Merc with a Mouth have a past in Marvel Comics, it makes sense. 

Daredevil: Born Again star Charlie Cox revealed during German Comic-Con (Winter Edition) that he thinks Matt Murdock could appear in Deadpool 3. He said, “I think because of the tone of our show, I think that there’s a place for Daredevil to show up in Deadpool. It would be really cool.”

It’s a simple statement, but one that holds weight. Not only are both Daredevil: Born again and Deadpool 3 coming out in 2024, the two Marvel Comics characters have interacted in the comics. Three of their more popular and intense meetings were all under different circumstances.

Daredevil/Deadpool Annual ’97

Like most comic book characters, the first time the two met it wasn’t friendly. Wade Wilson captured Foggy Nelson to get DD’s attention. Once they met, Wade lied to the Man without Fear, telling him that he was there to get Typhoid Mary before she hurt more people than she already has. Realistically, Wade wanted to help Mary become a better person. Because DD’s radar said Wade wasn’t lying, he went along with it.

Typhoid Mary’s split personality started when Matt Murdock accidentally kicked her out of a window. It was his first time as a hero and the mistake plagued him since. Wade hoped that having the two fight could help them. After Mary, Daredevil, and Deadpool finished, Wade took Mary away. DD wasn’t happy, but let it happen.

In the end, Matt received some absolution for his mistake – something that he desperately needed. Unfortunately, Mary never changed. In fact, she assaulted Wade in a way that started a terrible downward spiral.

Deadpool: Suicide Kings

Deadpool accepted a mercenary job that was supposed to be a big time score. The guy who hired him, Conrad, said he was the descendent of a rubber baron worth billions. Of course, Wade accepted the contract. Wade was lied to.

Conrad was using Wade to get out of a debt he owed Tombstone. Of all the people to owe money to, Tombstone is one of the last people you want to be indebted to.

In order to get out of it, Conrad made another bet. Wade had to survive being framed for terrorism. With that came the Punisher coming after him. Before Frank Castle could decapitate Wade, Daredevil saved him. Armless, Deadpool asked Daredevil to make the joke. DD obliged, saying “Thought you could use a hand.”

For the rest of the series, Daredevil was on Wade’s side. He knew Wade wasn’t lying. Even if Deadpool isn’t among his favorite people, Matt Murdock believes in the justice system. Deadpool is guilty of a lot, but not the crimes he was being accused of. Without DD, Wade would have been killed.

Deadpool by Gerry Duggan

Unlike the previous two examples, their interaction in Deadpool No. 11 was short and not so sweet. Wade was being blackmailed by a demon named Vestis. The only way to get out of it was to kill people Vestis had a contract with. One of them was a guy called Bobby “The Blender” Tisdell and he could change the way they look. While Wade was chasing Bobby, he lost him. Then, he was stopped by Daredevil. Deadpool thought it was Bobby. He was wrong and paid for it.

DD beat and tied Wade up. Of course, that wasn’t the end. Wade had a job to do and being tied up is something Wade most likely does for fun. Wade broke his fingers to escape and shot a man to distract Daredevil. DD had a decision to make: He could stop Wade and let an innocent person bleed out or save the victim. He chose the latter. Deadpool escaped and got his mark.

Deadpool, Harley Quinn
Ryan Reynolds stars as Deadpool in Twentieth Century Fox’s DEADPOOL 2. Photo Credit: Courtesy Twentieth Century Fox. /

Would a Daredevil and Deadpool crossover work in the MCU?

The beauty of the Deadpool movies is that there’s always room for more characters. Daredevil is only one of the many Marvel Comics heroes and /or villains that have a relationship with the Merc with a Mouth. The funny part is Charlie Cox could still appear and he wouldn’t even have to be Matt Murdock or Daredevil. He could be himself.

Picture this, Wade and Wolverine need a lawyer. Of course, Deadpool thinks of Matt Murdock. He could see Charlie Cox and think he’s Daredevil. And, out of nowhere, Daredevil shows up to save the actor. Of course they could fight without the fourth wall stuff, but what’s the fun in that?

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What do you think, readers? Would you like to see Deadpool and Daredevil in a project together? Let us know in the comments below.