How to watch Black Adam online: Is Black Adam on HBO Max?

Black Adam hit theaters on Friday, Oct. 21, but how can you watch the DC Comics film online if you didn’t make it out to theaters?

On Friday, Oct. 21, Black Adam opened in theaters across the globe giving fans the chance to finally see if Dwayne Johnson’s claims that the character will change up the hierarchy of the DC Extended Universe were true.

While the status of the film’s success remains up in the air and a topic of much debate, its time in theaters is coming to an end soon and the film will soon be arriving online for fans to watch. If you’re not looking to purchase the movie via Video-On-Demand options, you’re in luck as the movie will be arriving on HBO Max very soon.

As a result, anyone with an active HBO Max subscription will soon be able to watch the film from the comfort of their home.

When is Black Adam coming to HBO Max?

Although the expectation was that we’d have to wait until late December for Black Adam to arrive on HBO Max, the streaming service has since confirmed the film will be available to stream beginning on Friday, Dec. 16, 2022.

The move seems to be a strategic one from Warner Bros. Discovery as dropping the film in mid-December will allow it to build traction across the month when many will be looking for new movies to enjoy during holiday breaks. Still, it’s an interesting move for a studio that has put a bigger focus on longer theatrical runs as of late as part of its business model.