Is Peacemaker season 2 coming in 2023?

Peacemaker season 2 is on the way, but can fans of the DCEU show expect the second season this year?

Peacemaker was one of the great surprises of 2021. While nobody doubted James Gunn when it came to comic book properties, the decision to focus on one of The Suicide Squad‘s least popular characters raised some eyebrows, but the HBO Max show ended up a massive success (perhaps even eclipsing the movie) and made one of the lesser-known comic book characters something of a household name.

The show was renewed for a second season ahead of its finale, and even though there was concern over its future for a little while (through no fault of its own), season 2 is coming.

The question is: Can we expect it to premiere on HBO Max this year?

Peacemaker season 2 release updates

If you were one of the many fans worried about Peacemaker‘s fate, you can rest easy knowing that season 2 is happening. The controversy over HBO Max’s cancellation, and the subsequent cancellation of many in-development DCEU film projects, won’t impact the already-greenlit second season of Peacemaker. James Gunn confirmed this back in August in a tweet, adding that it would begin filming in 2023.

Now that Gunn is the Co-Chairman and CEO of DC Studios (alongside Peter Safran), Peacemaker season 2 is probably more secure than ever.

Back to the filming note, the second season is scheduled to start production this year, but a commencement date has yet to be announced. James Gunn will be busy over the next few months with promotion and press for his upcoming Marvel Studios film Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, so Peacemaker season 2 won’t be filming until sometime after the movie is released in theaters – something that Gunn himself confirmed on Twitter.

Taking that into account (and the fact that Gunn commented on his excitement of being reunited with Danielle Brooks and the rest of the cast “in just a few months“), it sounds like production could begin on Peacemaker season 2 in the summer at the earliest. That’s not a confirmation, but it does seem like the earliest possibility given what we know. And if that is the case, it likely rules out a 2023 release, especially when you factor in that season 1 took six months to film.

Taking that into account, an early to mid-2024 release window is looking like the most likely possibility for Peacemaker season 2 right now. That’s just a prediction, and it’s best to wait for official confirmation from DC Studios, but given the production window needed for a show of this scale, a 2023 release is unlikely at this point.

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