X-Men: Is Beast on the Quiet Council of Krakoa?

Despite betraying Wolverine, the X-Men, and all of Krakoa, Hank McCoy is part of the Quiet Council. 

Hank McCoy, a.k.a. Beast, used to be one of the friendliest and most trustworthy characters in Marvel Comics. He was always joking, happy, and someone you could go to. Then, things changed.

Beast’s insecurity started getting the best of him. That made him experiment on his body, which led to his health worsening. All of this caused him to do things that he normally wouldn’t. His behavior got worse when Krakoa was established and Beast became the leader of Krakoa’s version of the CIA, X-Force.

In Wolverine No. 13, Beast told Emma Frost, “If you want a win, you need a bastard. I’ll be that bastard. I’ll take the blame. I’ll earn the hate. If that’s what saves us from annihilation.” He wasn’t kidding. Beast has done some deplorable things since then. Among them was killing Wolverine and then keeping his mind erased and using him as a weapon (read The Beast Agenda for more on that). It looks like all of his atrocities don’t matter. In X-Men No. 18, Beast appears to be on the Quiet Council of Krakoa.

After Laura Kinney was rescued from the vault, questions about her loyalty needed to be answered. Hank McCoy led the charge in that regard. Considering he’s in charge of Krakoa’s safety, it makes sense. What was disturbing was that despite everything he’s done in the past, Hank McCoy now has a seat on the Quiet Council. However, he may have filled the right slot. With Mr. Sinister kicked out of the Council for trying to kill them, he’d fit right in with Mystique and Exodus. Plus, Charles Xavier doesn’t care about individuals and probably agrees with everything that Beast has done. In fact, Xavier may have nominated him.

The aftermath of this will be interesting. Wolverine was already on the fence about staying on Krakoa. He said he doesn’t know if he believes in the mutants’ island nation anymore (X-Force No. 30). If there’s no punishment for Beast, Logan’s thoughts will be solidified.

This affects more than just Wolverine. X-Men like Jean Grey and Council members like Kitty Pryde and Storm will start to wonder if Krakoa isn’t what they hoped for. It could force more of them to take refuge on Arrako in hopes for a new and better life. Logan certainly might. Could Beast’s promotion be the issue that causes the X-Men crossover Fall of X?

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