The Last of Us episode 3 release date: When does the next episode come out?

The Last of Us Episode 2
The Last of Us Episode 2 /

What’s next for HBO Max’s zombie series in The Last of Us episode 3? When is the episode coming out? Find out all of that right here. 

If the second episode of The Last of Us on HBO Max was anything like the video game, then probably left viewers distraught.

One of the most important sounds in The Last of Us was heard in this episode as well. It’s the noise a Clicker makes. This sound will become synonymous with danger. A Clicker is what happens when a person is infected for too long. They’ve lost their sight, but their hearing is unparalleled. What’s worse is they aren’t easily killed and a regular gun doesn’t stop them. This is why Ellie, Joel, and anyone else are moving as stealthily as possible. Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to not get their attention. Thankfully, they’re spread throughout the game. Hopefully it will be the same in The Last of Us show. You don’t want to overdo it with them.

A warning to viewers, Clickers are nightmare fuel. Their appearance is more terrifying than any other zombie not created by Sam Raimi.

If The Last of Us episode 2 left you in need of answers, then here’s when you can expect the third episode to premiere on TV screens.

When does The Last of Us episode 3 come out?

The Last of Us episode 3 will air on HBO on Sunday, January 29, at 9 pm Eastern Standard Time, 8 pm Central Time, and 6 pm Pacific Standard Time. It will premiere on the HBO Max streaming service at the same time in locations that it’s available around the world.

New episodes are set to release every Sunday straight on through to the season 1 finale, so unless it’s otherwise announced, there isn’t any reason to believe that should change right now.

HBO Max has been trying a new release format out with shows such as Titans and Doom Patrol, splitting the season into two parts. This is not a format it is trying with The Last of Us as it’s set to run uninterrupted until the season finale on March 12.

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What do you think of The Last of Us so far? Is there anything you’re looking forward to seeing in The Last of Us episode 3? Let us know in the comments below.