The terrifying new The Walking Dead: Dead City trailer is here

Lauren Cohan as Maggie Rhee, Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan - The Walking Dead: Dead City Season 1 - Photo Credit: Peter Kramer/AMC
Lauren Cohan as Maggie Rhee, Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan - The Walking Dead: Dead City Season 1 - Photo Credit: Peter Kramer/AMC /

A new teaser trailer for The Walking Dead: Dead City gives us a terrifying glimpse into the show’s premise and how Maggie and Negan reunite.

We aren’t too far out from The Walking Dead: Dead City. Granted, we’re further out from it than we initially thought we would be, but it’s still on the horizon. Yes, AMC moved its planned April release to June instead, choosing to spotlight the final season of Fear The Walking Dead ahead of the new spinoffs releases. But Maggie Rhee and Negan Smith’s returns aren’t too far away either.

Dead City is part of a new chapter in AMC’s TWD Universe, as it will be the first of three new spinoff shows focusing on characters from The Walking Dead after that show’s conclusion. Its premiere in June will kick off that chapter, and the cable network has decided to tease fans a little more with its arrival, releasing a brand new teaser trailer on TWD social channels.

Watch it below.

Watch new The Walking Dead: Dead City trailer

This is now the second teaser trailer that AMC has released for The Walking Dead: Dead City. The first came as part of a promo for the TWD Universe that showcased some of the new and returning shows from the world of The Walking Dead after the series finale of the main show. This one, however, tells us a little bit more about the plot of the show.

Though it is brief, the new teaser reveals that Maggie and Glenn’s son Hershel Rhee is taken by a new threat. Maggie will then reach out to the notorious Negan for help as he is seemingly “the key to getting him back”. Is she simply contacting the person she knows is ruthless enough to get the job done, or is Negan somehow responsible for what happens?

This is naturally going to make for an interesting dynamic, as TWD fans will know that Negan is the one who killed Hershel’s father Glenn in vicious fashion, kickstarting a lengthy feud between himself and Maggie, who tried to kill him on multiple occasions. Though Maggie acknowledged that Negan had changed by the end of the show, and they ultimately worked together as allies to bring down the Whisperers, the Reapers and the Commonwealth, she was unable to forgive him for his heinous actions in the past.

Will they be able to work together for the greater good in Dead City?

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