Batman: All 7 Mr. Freeze actors ranked from worst to best

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5/27- “Batman And Robin ” Movie Stills Starring Uma Thurman As “Poison Ivy” And Arnold Schwarzenegger As “Mr Freeze” (Photo By Getty Images)

Mr. Freeze is one of Batman’s best villains, but which of his appearances on both the big and small screens?

Mr. Freeze has been a regular presence in Batman lore for over half a century. During that time, he has evolved more times than perhaps any of The Dark Knight’s villains. And yes, we mean evolved.

Originally a more gimmicky foe by the name of Mr. Zero, the character debuted in DC Comics in 1959 before he was renamed Mr. Freeze. Used in an abundance of outlandish and cartoonish storylines, it soon became clear that, outside of his unique appearance, he really wasn’t all that interesting. That is, until a ’90s reinvention changed everything.

Now a heartbroken husband attempting to cure his ill wife, Mr. Freeze is among the greatest and best-developed comic book villains of all time. A tragic but engaging character, fans fell in love with the troubled Victor Fries thanks to Batman: The Animated Series and it’s hard to imagine where he would be without that narrative revamp.

In fact, fans are hoping that the DC Universe’s Elseworlds saga will give Mr. Freeze the Joker treatment and produce a film focused on his tragic origins. It would certainly be amazing if that were to happen, but even then, the icy villain has appeared on our screens quite a lot over the years.

With a recurring presence on the ’60s Batman TV show and an infamous big-screen adaptation, a lot of us are familiar with the famous Freezes, but which ones were truly worth remembering and which ones will we struggle to forget?

Note: While there were multiple other actors to voice Mr. Freeze on TV and in video games, this list will take a look at the seven most famous (and best) to do so on the big-screen or small-screen.

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