The Boys spin-off Gen V will include Jensen Ackles’ Soldier Boy

The Boys season 3 on Amazon Video Jack Quaid (Hughie Campbell), Jensen Ackles (Soldier Boy)
The Boys season 3 on Amazon Video Jack Quaid (Hughie Campbell), Jensen Ackles (Soldier Boy) /

Amazon Prime Video’s The Boys spin-off Gen V will include a cameo from Jensen Ackles’ Soldier Boy. However, fans shouldn’t expect him to have a lot of screen time.

Amazon Prime Video’s The Boys has an upcoming spin-off called Gen-V. This series will be about a Vought International run college specifically catering to superheroes. If you’ve watched The Boys or read the comic books, then you know no good can come from a school run by Vought International.

Actually, nothing good comes from Vought International. Among those awful things is Soldier Boy. A normal person Vought gave superpowers that eventually became a terror to everyone around him.

At the end of The Boys season 3, Soldier Boy was taken away and put into suspended animation. Of course they wouldn’t kill him. He’s one of the few beings in the world that can kill Homelander. It looked like this would be the last time fans saw him until at least season 4. However, that may not be the case.

Soldier Boy will appear in The Boys spinoff series Gen V

As reported by Entertainment Weekly, fans will see Soldier Boy sooner than that. Jensen Ackles revealed that he has a cameo in The Boys’ upcoming spin-off Gen V. Ackles said, “Soldier Boy pops up for a brief moment in this new spin-off of The Boys. In fact, there’s a few cameos from the mothership that come into this spin-off.”

There hasn’t been a lot of news coming from season 4 of The Boys or Gen V. Gen V is scheduled to be released this year (2023). The Boys has just wrapped production but it hasn’t set a release date, (but fans can likely expect to see new episodes in 2023). Jensen Ackles saying he’ll be part of the spinoff show is the most recent update and a nice surprise. However, viewers shouldn’t expect Soldier Boy to have as much screen time as he previously did.

Soldier Boy’s appearance could be one of a few things. First, and most likely, it could be him in a video doing a public service announcement. Something similar to the one produced during season 3. Second, since Gen V takes place during season 3 of The Boys, it could be moments that took place while Soldier Boy was running around with Hughie and Butcher. Lastly, Soldier Boy may have come across one of the college students. A moment that would likely mean someone was killed.

We’ll have to wait and see what Soldier Boy does in Gen V. One thing is for certain, it will be memorable and possibly violent.

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