Titans writer hopeful that the series could be revived

Titans season 4. Image courtesy HBO Max
Titans season 4. Image courtesy HBO Max /

Following the cancellation of Titans after its fourth season, one of the writers is hopeful for a series revival.

Ever since the merger between Warner Bros. and Discovery along with its CEO, David Zaslav, embarking on his soul-searching journey to find the right head for DC, which led to co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran for DC Studios, a lot of changes have been afoot.

These changes led to the axing and leasing of several shows across many networks and on HBO Max. One of those shows was Titans, which was canceled back in January with confirmation that the show’s fourth season would be its final season. As per Multiverse of Color (H/T: The Direct), Titans writer Tom Pabst is optimistic season 4 might not be the final season of Titans after all.

Titans to have a possible revival?

While Season 5 is unlikely to happen, the writer Tom Pabst not only was surprised by Titans’ cancellation, he felt the show could go for “10 years”. Pabst said:

"“I’m actually shocked that we got canceled. This is the kind of show that I thought could go for 10 years. These characters are so beloved and getting more interesting as we explore them and new writers come in. So yeah, I would have jumped at the chance… You become attached to the people you make it with. I’m very attached to our cast and our crew, and it would just be great to get the traveling road show back on the road.”"

On the subject of a revival, Pabst mentioned Titans showrunner, Greg Walker, and he after learning the news got together socially and felt a revival might be possible based on the fact the IP has “one of the best superhero premises.” Clearly, the hope is that Titans gets green-lit by fan demand so it can be rolled over to DC Elseworlds with the same cast, talent, and production team but most likely it will be a hard reboot with a new cast and fresh new storylines.

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What are your thoughts on what writer Tom Pabst said of a series revival of Titans? Do you want a revival of Titans with the same cast and completing pre-existing storylines? Or do you want Titans to receive a hard reboot several years down the line in the DCU? Sound off in the comments below!