Titans season 4 episode 11 release date: When does the next episode come out?

Titans season 4. Image courtesy HBO Max
Titans season 4. Image courtesy HBO Max /

When can you expect Titans season 4 episode 11 to come out? It’s the second to last episode, here’s what you need to know.

One of the most exciting episodes of a show is the one before the season or series finale. The penultimate episode should always get viewers excited for the final episode. Usually, the villains have a big win at the end leaving the heroes in a bad predicament. It should be the same with Titans on HBO Max.

There has been a lot going on in a relatively short amount of time on Titans season 4. Thankfully it’s all connected to Brother Blood, Trigon, and Mother Mayhem. Superboy has been embracing his Lex Luthor personality and has wanted to work with Brother Blood. Hopefully this will make Sebastian more interesting. Gar, a.k.a. Beast Boy, could be key to defeating Trigon since he’s connected to the Red. A space where he may be able to send Raven and Sebastian’s father back to Hell. Starfire is also prophesied to be the one who will defeat Trigon. However, the prophecy says the victory will cause her death.

This writer’s only concern is that the finale won’t live up to the build up. This season has seemed rushed. Warner Bros. Discovery canceled a lot of shows last year. Titans was unfortunately among them. Hopefully the creative team had enough time to prepare the end of the Titans story. If not, we could be looking at a rushed finale. Although, if you’re a fan of Titans, maybe another streaming service will pick the program up someday.

Regardless, season 4 is heading towards a memorable conclusion. Before we get there, we have the penultimate episode. Here’s when you can expect it.

When does Titans season 4 episode 11 come out?

Titans season 4, episode 11, titled “Project Starfire” premieres on HBO Max on Thursday, May 4, at 3 a.m. ET, 2 a.m. CT, and 12 a.m. PT. The times and dates for the release of new episodes has remained the same throughout both parts of the season, with new episodes still set to release weekly for the next two weeks.

HBO Max properties have always kept a consistent schedule. If the streamer says something is going to be released on a certain day and time, that’s what viewers can expect it to arrive. The final two episodes of Titans season 4 will be no different.

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