Why DC’s Titans was cancelled (Why season 5 isn’t happening)

Titans season 4. Image courtesy HBO Max
Titans season 4. Image courtesy HBO Max /

Titans will unfortunately join an abundance of other DC shows cancelled within the last year. Here’s why the show won’t be back for season 5.

Oh Titans, you had a lot of highs and lows throughout your run on screens.

The series that was once scrapped after being set up for TNT found new life when it became the first original series of the shiny new DC Universe streaming service. But when that service was short-lived, it moved on over to HBO Max instead. That is, until it was announced that it would not be back for any future seasons.

Titans‘ fourth season (which is currently halfway through its on-screen run) will unfortunately be its last. HBO Max announced the show’s cancellation along with fellow former DC Universe original Doom Patrol, as both shows now join an unbelievable amount of DC shows and movies cancelled within the last year.

So why wasn’t Titans afforded a fifth season?

Why is DC’s Titans ending?

Titans‘ premature end sadly wasn’t too much of a surprise. It’s likely that it had nothing to do with ratings, popularity, or any other thing that goes into deciding a show’s fate. The truth is that there are major changes going on at DC right now, and it all has to do with last year’s Warner Bros./Discovery merger.

With new people in charge of the future of DC, a lot of the old is being done away with. That extends to film and television, as Warner Bros. Discovery seeks to build a DC cinematic universe like Marvel Studios’ Marvel Cinematic Universe – one single coherent universe with little room for properties that do not exist within it. This led to the creation of DC Studios and the arrival of James Gunn and Peter Safran as co-chairmen and CEOs.

With DC Studios attempting to build a single shared universe across film and television, that puts any pre-established DC properties in danger. And that appears to be what happened with Titans and Doom Patrol.

James Gunn confirmed via a Tweet that this decision had been made before he and Safran arrived, but it’s just one example of Warner Bros. Discovery clearing the decks when it comes to DC properties greenlit by the old management (just as HBO Max didn’t come to the rescue of last year’s cancelled DC properties on The CW).

Titans, like all shows, probably lost some momentum over the years, but it was still popular enough to deserve one last season. If the previous Warner Bros. management had still been overseeing it, it probably would have gotten a fifth season. Unfortunately, a change is coming to the DC landscape, and nothing is safe. Titans was just one of the many casualties in this ever-changing story of DC’s future.

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