Titans season 4 episode 12 release date: When does the finale come out?

Titans season 4. Image courtesy HBO Max
Titans season 4. Image courtesy HBO Max /

When can you expect Titans season 4 episode 12 to come out? Here’s what you need to know about the series finale on HBO Max.

After four seasons of Titans on DC Universe and HBO Max, the final episode of the show is on its way to the streaming service. The Titans have gone through death of loved ones, fighting amongst each other, and so much more. Now, the show is coming to an end. What happens next is a mystery. While it may seem like the heroes will come out on top, there’s no guarantee that will happen. Even if it does, there will likely be sacrifices.

This show isn’t like most of the comic book projects on the air. Bad things happen to them all the time. Plus, this is an alternate reality. This Earth could end in fire and brimstone brought on by Trigon. That would be an unforgettable way to end a project. Maybe the prophecy is true, and Starfire will die protecting the world. Or Dick Grayson (Nightwing) could say no to destiny, prophecy, and be the one to save the day. We also can’t forget Raven. She could be the one to protect everyone.

There are other things that could happen going forward. People who died may come back to life and help save the day (this writer would love to see Jinx return). It’s a comic book show. Coming back from the dead isn’t farfetched. Technically, Deathstroke did it in the first half of the final season. For now, all anyone can do is speculate.

One thing we can do is get ready for the series finale. Here’s when you can expect it.

When does Titans season 4 episode 12 come out?

The series finale of Titans (season 4, episode 12), titled “Titans Forever” will premiere on HBO Max on Thursday, May 11, at 3 am Eastern Time, 2 am Central Time, and 12am Pacific Time. The release times and dates have remained the same throughout the whole season, so you can rest assured it will be the same for the upcoming finale.

HBO Max properties have always kept a tight schedule. That won’t change with this episode, especially since it’s such a huge episode for the show. We don’t know how Titans will bow out yet, but it’s definitely going to be the end of an era.

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What are your expectations for Titans series finale HBO Max? Have you been a fan of Titans season 4? Let us know in the comments below.